Manny Man

Just one more smile, with your hellos,
could soothe my grief, as my tears flow.
You swept my fears and made life right,
when I was lost, you were my guide.
You always had right words to say,
sarcastic jokes made things okay.
You taught me how to play the game,
opened my mind in different ways.
In working smart, not working hard
knowledge you shared, showed me your cards.
Never a need to play pretend,
forever here my favorite friend.
Your greatest pride went to your girls,
attentive dad, they were your world.
Now light the path, dance with your mom,
in a new place, away from harm.
To reggae tunes you can skate fast,
arms in the air, fly free at last.
My “Manny Man”, you will be missed,
memories shared always persist.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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