Inner Whispers

Hum words with pictures,
set deep in her mind,
Colors turn intense,
as she paints her rhymes.

Rhymes open deep zones,
that flow on non-stop,
they carry mixed tones,
so smooth yet quite sharp.

Sharp shadows that dance
inside of her head,
link lyrics with tunes,
sewn tight with clear thread.

Thread made of blocked dreams,
that somehow feel real,
profound messages,
made of tarnished steel.

Steel polished stainless,
reflect pretty views,
finished so shiny,
yet still far from new.

New adventures loom,
with no start or end,
instantly expands,
to somehow extend.

Extends ever far,
blasts past time and space,
intricate designs,
with touches of grace.

Graceful tough lessons,
appear in great sums,
to sketch all portraits,
her silent words hum.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


A lonely page in need of ink,
words start to form within a blink.
Blank paper fills with my hearts tune,
author unknown but clear and true.

Organize thoughts, emotions bloom,
let memories fall and erase gloom.
Feel so relieved but search for more,
imagination opens doors.

Grasp images of mute stories,
that carry pain mixed with glories.
A silent tale presently seen,
everyday life, a movie screen.

Open both eyes then look around,
vibrations match as my pulse pounds.
Pictures move fast, my mind keeps up,
the coffee stands cold in a cup.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Choose Carefully

Writing her words, could not express,
the pain she feels deep in her chest.
Infinite thirst with endless stress,
reaching for an unknown conquest.

She rights her words, to no avail,
knowing that her attempts will fail.
Crawling along, slow as a snail,
walking on a revolving trail.

Words have no value or no use,
they only serve as blurry clues.
They knot up well, twist and confuse,
still they produce a distinct view.

She swallows every word she reads,
they grow inside, like planted seeds.
Learning more words becomes a need,
addiction that she must now feed.

Words understand her soul and mind,
a best friend that never declines.
They showcase what her heart combines,
reveal what she has kept inside.

Without a word, life becomes noise,
cocktails of sounds made with a voice.
Instant relief, she could rejoice,
knowing that words provide a choice.

– Grace Y. Estevez Reddy


Words that swim around his head,
make him drown in them instead.
Steal his voice, his feelings tread,
remarks tiptoe on a thread.

Convey his thoughts deep inside,
blabbing what he wants to hide.
Caution must be well applied,
felt emotions smoothly guide.

Words that fly over his head
do not land, instantly dead.
Tried to crack behaviors read,
analyzed each phrase once said.

Dictating the things he hears,
break and conquer all his fears,
sad or happy stream of tears,
whisper softly in his ear.

Words that live inside his heart,
made to always feel so smart,
transform into works of art,
always set themselves apart.

They can get him to believe,
that same power could deceive.
Building what he will perceive,
help him gain all goals achieved.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


If paddling a boat through the darkest tar,
the tar ensures you will not get too far.
Too far to picture a path towards light,
as light will grasp on, resolving all fights

Fights no longer yours, yet you did not let go,
let go of the knots that keep you from control.
Controlling steep steps you have chosen to take,
taking what is real, removing the fake.

The fake can be scanned with a fine toothed comb,
combing through tough knots, while clearing wide roads.
Wide roads show views seen indefinitely,
indefinite scenes, lived infinitely

Infinite tug of wars between good and bad,
bad thoughts quickly fade, hearing as you command.
Command with your eyes as they disclose all truths,
truth unmasking ego, exposing true you

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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