Moonlit Dinner

My chosen guest of honor,
for dinner and some drinks,
putting my hopes upon her,
darkness instantly fixed.

Her presence ever changing,
beginning with her face,
a perfect meal awaiting,
illuminating phase.

A night sky filled with beauty,
an awesome, clear, pure sight.
Attract her essence to me,
my heart detects her light.

Full moon emerges promptly,
proudly taking her place,
my soul welcomes her calmly,
tenderness laced with grace.

Communication opens,
filling me up with joy,
all words were sensed not spoken,
and essence well enjoyed.

Gathering every quarter,
resets my energy,
great guest and grand supporter,
magical synergy.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Releasing Thoughts

Fermenting thoughts
blocks of regrets,
threatening force
circling with threat.
Forgiveness course
tough to forget,
memories caught
in the mind’s net.

A misty hue
sprinkles ahead,
attacking blues
till they are dead.
Attracting views
that lay ahead,
repeating truths
so that they spread.

Absorbing warmth
and yellow light,
so dreams transform
into plain sight.
Calming all storms
making wrongs right,
so joys can form
and twinkle bright.

Rejoice and fly,
let hopes float high,
touch the blue sky
exhale a sigh.
Closing both eyes
seeing the signs,
visions comply
wishes hereby.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Mold me like a plastic doll,
hold my hand so you feel whole.
Tie my shoes and dress me up,
let me drink straight from your cup.

Loving me for “Who I am”,
bending me to your command,
erase owned views from my eyes,
so your esteem can fly high.

Satisfy your needs and wants,
disregard any response.
Selfish ways arrogant acts,
blind your eyes to foreseen facts.

Plastic feelings separate,
fester slowly into hate,
slowly love disintegrates,
pretend smiles make it all great.

Accept me as I do you,
knowing my love was all true,
feelings obstruct my clear views,
unknown journey without clues.

Watch my eyes reflect my soul,
regain power, gain control.
Pull the anchor, sail my boat,
let it go, so true self floats.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Beach Walk

Indigo light,
dancing at night,
Calling your friend,
vibe has no end
shimmering scene.

Burnt orange sprite,
filled with such joy,
shining so bright,
like a new toy.
Yellow insight,
heard inner voice,
life is alright,
each paths a choice.

Emerald streams,
misting red seeds,
glistening dreams,
at lightning speed.
Desires gleam,
implanting needs,
spirit supreme,
follow the lead.

Cotton candy
hearts are so sweet,
soft and fluffy,
warm hearts all meet,
songs are dandy,
melody treats,
steps feel sandy,
dust off both feet.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Bright chances,
through my hands.
like quicksand.

Frustrations climb,
regrets are prime,
anger soon chimes,
sorrowful times.

Fear dances,

Afraid to fail,
all hopes in jail.
Create a tale,
so life could sail.

Inner strength,
Take a breath,

Heart fills with light,
future is bright.
Trust my insight,
reaching new heights.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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