Cool atitude,
jumps in the air.
Strong magnitude,
beyond compare.

Great unique friend,
true gift of fun,
delights extend,
till sorrows run.

Cemented bond,
two beings share,
hearts see beyond,
a perfect pair.

So grateful for,
such kind support.
Faith opens doors,
goodwill transports.

Best wishes pour,
old doubts abort.
Never keep score,
with games or sports.

Happily bowl,
erase all blues,
make my life whole,
sweet kangaroo.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for Melissa Lemay’s Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #245

Moonlit Dinner

My chosen guest of honor,
for dinner and some drinks,
putting my hopes upon her,
darkness instantly fixed.

Her presence ever changing,
beautiful shiny face,
a perfect meal awaiting,
illuminating phase.

A night sky filled with beauty,
an awesome, clear, pure sight.
Attract her essence to me,
my heart detects her light.

Moonblushed haloes shine promptly,
steadily lays in place,
my smile welcomes her calmly,
tenderness laced with grace.

Communication opens,
fills my soul up with joy,
dialogue sensed, unspoken,
pure essence well enjoyed.

Gathering every quarter,
resets my energy,
night sky lamp, great supporter,
magical synergy.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge December 05, 2023
Prompt – Moonblushed

Secret View

Invisible door,
eyes softly explore,
existence true core
along with much more.

Quick glance into life,
perfectly divine,
quite tough to describe,
intricate design.

A mystical flare,
surprise makes hearts stare,
thoughts float in the air,
nature stands so rare.

Dreams glimmer bright sparks,
breeze erases dark,
a unique birthmark,
innate work of art.

Let go and exhale,
as emotions sail,
release every fail,
pure peace is inhaled.

Clear goals swiftly form,
what days will perform,
ease up inner storms,
so spirit feels warm.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What Do You See # 215 December 04 , 2023


Light and darkness
in a dance,
feeling sweetness
in romance.
Putting harshness
in a trance,
removes distress
from their stance.

Light and darkness
bringing balance
by design.
Paint the canvas
gray defined.
Softened hardness
made divine.

Light and darkness
merge as one,
without protest
all have won.
Steady progress
has begun,
shining brightness
like the sun.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published November 03, 2021

For a Moment

City lights caress her face,
excitement pulsates dull veins,
hopes and dreams soon interlace,
free will breaks insecure chains.

Hungry steps narrate her pace,
nightlife rhythm cures all strains,
sorrows instantly erase,
only pure passion remains.

Music guides her to this place,
smokey mirrors pour champaign,
waltz around with pride and grace,
hard work week drifts into space.

Dance to clear off tough rat race,
energy dismisses pain,
joyful laughs greet to embrace,
release fails, focus on gains.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge November 28, 2023
Prompt – Nightlife

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