Emotional manipulation,
builds a forceful situation.
Turning wants into frustrations,
great exhausted compensation.

Clouding every pure intention,
enslaving participation,
kills off any motivation,
bonds become fake conversations.

Never allow domination
to control your navigation,
or to guide your exploration
for their own gratification.

Find your voice and regulation,
conquer every confrontation,
without need for explanations,
make your life your own creation.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Teeter-totters keep him still,
every thought swaying his will,
forming visions of steep hills.
fears and doubts conquer his skills.
His income turn into bills,
constantly needing refills,
never remembering thrills,
self-pity guides his tear spills.

Takes a breath, confidence spills,
instantly feels joyful thrills.
All of his voids are fulfilled,
revenue exceed his bills,
He sharpens all of his skills,
efforts runs way past each hill.
Reaching goals steady at will
balancing life, being still.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Sitting on my velvet throne,
opening up to unknowns.
Noticing the subtle hues,
searching for another clue.

Sitting on my velvet throne,
entering my sacred zone.
Close my eyes to see the truth,
images create great views.

Sitting on my velvet throne,
feeling every lesson shown.
Sense each heartbeat as it pumps,
form dimensions, to then jump.

Sitting on my velvet throne,
with no one, but not alone.
Taking gulps of brilliant light,
letting go of pain and spite.

Sitting on my velvet throne,
trusting fully, letting go.
Allowing my soul to flow,
so my character can grow.

Sitting on my velvet throne,
journeys teach the fate I know.
There is much more than most think,
held within the quickest blink.

– Grace. Y. Estevez – Reddy


Who built a fortress,
to help find true you?
In a green forest,
removing the blues.

Who captured your falls,
and cushioned them all?
Then helped you stand tall,
made your life a ball.

Who heightens your sense,
provides solid truths?
Clearing your blurred lens,
enhancing your view.

Who never said bye,
and joined every sigh?
Stood firm by your side,
wiping tears you cried.

Who will remain here,
loyal till no end?
Listens through your ears,
Projects, and defends.

Who urges your tries,
hoping you comply?
Uses both your eyes,
so you can rise high.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


My heart despises the cruel kind,
ones that play games with other minds.
They often cheat, embrace deceit,
and never turn the other cheek.
Most carry spite, are always right,
smiling while instigating fights.
The narcissist with no regret,
always searching for more to get.
Provoking tears when they are near,
knock spirits down simply from fear.

They teach me how to defeat fears,
wipe my own tears, when they are near.
Providing lessons to forget,
forgiving them, absolves regrets.
Avoiding spite, dissolving fights,
allows my conscience to feel right.
I learn from them to turn a cheek,
how not to cheat, or hold deceit.
To not let them play with my mind,
so my strong heart can remain kind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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