Past Times

Coffee is served, along with toast,
think of the times I miss the most.
Search for a spread, find thoughts instead,
cycles of life run through my head.

Memories made of marmalade,
sweeten this life, brightens each day.
Enhances skills, fill with great thrills,
help as hopes climb wavering hills.

Retrace the stage of fruit preserves,
disrupt sad thoughts, slips to then swerve.
Watch all strife pause, no need or cause,
stand high and tall, inner applause.

Remembrance comes from berry jam,
anchored my mind, before it swam.
Dust off past fails so great dreams sail,
teaches sad hearts how to prevail.

Echoes of times formed with jelly,
candied moments always ready.
Move goals along, humming a song,
releases doubts so trust belongs.

Beautiful views makes me feel bright,
smile as breakfast provides insight.
Sit on my seat, read as I eat,
lessons once gained, can taste so sweet.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Greed ( Published at The Writers Club)

Like a bear to warm sweet honey,
carrots swayed to tempt a bunny,
humans are hungry for money,
laugh it off, though far from funny.

Take every dare, snatch up the cash,
iIntegrity sold in a flash.
Watch all honor turn into ash,
all self-respect thrown to the trash.

Nothing satisfies all desires,
or fulfills the needs most require.
Vanity ignites flames and fires,
great treasures are just things acquired.

Those that choose to chase after wealth,
may find themselves feeling compelled,
to value riches over health,
till vitality is expelled.

Capital is another tool
used to create brilliant fools.
Ego flares with made up fuel,
push it aside so love can rule.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on March 21, 2021

My poem “Greed” was published at The Writers Club. I would like to thank their team for showcasing this piece.💕


I walk around with one blind eye,
to overlook what others hide.
The other eye is wide opened,
observes what goes unnoticed.

I ask myself, “which is worth more?”
apply my gift of keeping score.

The gaping eye sees everything,
knows exactly what pulls all strings.
Mystical force lives deep within,
shines with pure hope to wipe off sins.

The blinded eye does just as well,
by focusing solely on self.
Not known to sway, looks unaware,
an inner stare releases cares.

The two combined forever great,
pushed together emitting strength.

To see from both at the same time,
unlocks hinges removes all grime.
As all new views acquire shine,
gained power flows through heart and mind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


So thankful for my everyday,
the bright blue sky with golden rays.
Absorb calm views when times are grey,
through thick or thin life is okay.

Deep gratitude highlights my eyes,
pulls deep within, joys flutter high.
Connected hearts unite and fly,
together laugh until they cry.

So thankful for food on each plate,
wonderful time without debates.
Fond memories loved ones create,
happily linked to celebrate.

Deep gratitude Thanksgiving day,
hope old bygones swiftly decay.
May serene thoughts enhance always,
so only good times come to stay.

So thankful for another year,
without so many threats to fear.
Discretely wipe a single tear,
silently smile, inwardly cheer.

Deep gratitude rooted inside,
look all around, feel immense pride.
So much pure love rests by my side,
pure faith and grace always provides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


One day in time,
I walked life free.
Laughs echoed chimes,
swung from tall trees.
Danced, skipped, and sang,
knew dreams would be.
Inner bells rang,
believed in me.

One cloudy night,
you brought the rain.
Stripped away light,
made me insane.
Held back my glee,
I could not gain.
Introduced me
to constant pain.

One sunny day,
my heart grew cold,
Blood pumped away,
timid turned bold.
As sunlight hit,
regained control.
Our road was split,
grasped what you stole.

One afternoon,
looked at the sky,
transient moon,
was painted high.
Reflective hues
twinkled my eyes,
showed I am you,
then faded by.

One part of me
no longer hides,
now forced to see,
there are two sides.
Was never gone,
still lives inside,
combined as one,
protects and guides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge – November 22, 2022
Prompt – Transient

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