Sparkling Hope

Twinkle, sprinkle, shimmer bright,
light up dark skies through the night,
blow stardust upon my dreams,
touch my conscience till it gleams.

Twinkle, sprinkle, shimmer bright,
have your essence erase fights.
Let your presence heal all wars,
penetrate love through all cores.

Twinkle, sprinkle, shimmer bright,
cure warped minds so thoughts fly right.
Fill all hearts until they shine,
so every soul feels divine.

Twinkle, sprinkle, shimmer bright,
grant the future, paths of light,
allow empathy to grow,
so pure kindness overflows.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Wishful Thinking

I wish I could be satisfied,
grateful as time just passes by,
emotions are intensified,
while living in an empty lie.

I wish mistakes were rectified,
forgiveness leads to second tries.
Let happiness invade and guide,
so haunting memories all die.

I wish my thoughts were classified,
to not slip up with quick replies,
my voice could whisper deep inside,
where sentiments lay and reside.

I wish my scorn was pacified,
so inner peace could touch the sky.
Euphoric visions open wide,
and manifest before my eyes.

I wish daydreams were gratified,
held expectations floating high,
opposing views all cast aside,
so harmony can always fly.

I wish all delights amplified,
so that my mind stops asking “why?”
Pray disappointments all subside,
and tears of joy are all I cry.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Free to Receive

Wish for blessings,
blessed be,
be expressing,
express free,
free transgressing,
transgress pleas,
pleas keep pressing,
press sharp keys.
Keys unlocking,
locked up hearts,
heartbeats knocking,
knock to start,
start enjoying ,
joys flourish,
flourish sowing,
sows a wish.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Star light

Twinkling star,
filled with such hope,
removing scars,
balancing slopes.

Felt near and far
energies soak,
lighting a spark
forming a cloak.

Shimmers so bright
shiny hearts sing,
glowing at night,
making ears ring.

Exudes pure light,
sways as it swings.
Gleaming insight,
unknotting strings.

Touch the dark sky,
leaves a clear hue,
blinking so high,
creating views.

Faith driven eyes,
form what is true.
Wishes all fly,
for me and you.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Birthday Wishes

Another year swiftly flies by
my birthday wishes flutter high.
Blow every candle on the cake
excited wishes then awake.
Imagination now believes,
arms open wide, learn to receive.
Glistening wishes find their way
travel through space for my birthday.

No time or space on this birthday
wishes come true in every way.
All expectations are received,
they manifest if I believe.
Pure intentions always awake,
blow every candle on the cake.
Closing my eyes, exhaling high,
aware that years swiftly fly by.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Never hold a wish too tight,
let it flow to reach new heights.
If it flies too far from sight,
precise timing was not right.

Keep your goals away from ears,
do not share till it is here,
to prevent another’s fears,
from applauding your failed tears.

Allow wants to have a say,
visualize them on most days,
not too much or they may sway,
be consistent so they stay.

Let hopes happen easily,
do not focus eagerly,
if your heart feels peacefully,
they will appear serenely.

It is fine to set dreams free,
let them fly within the breeze,
like the waves out in the sea,
they return if meant to be

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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