Self Compassion

Become what you want to see
Effervescent, flying free

Kindly adding hope and glee
Inner wisdom holds the keys
Noble heart sails the rough sea
Dynamic, aim to appease

Tender spirit goes unseen
Operating the machine

Your presence brings joy and peace
Overwhelming love and ease
Unique essence flows like breeze
Respect your soul and body
Show inner compassion please
Everyday, every degrees
Love yourself infinitely
Forever through what may be

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Flip the Coin

Look around,
feeling alone.
Like a hound,
search for a bone.
Search the ground,
kick at a stone.
Not a sound,
or a slight tone.
Never found,
true friendship zone.
Trust is bound,
suspicion shown.

Turn around,
feel good alone.
Happy hound,
chews a new bone.
Higher ground,
no sticks or stones.
My own sound,
creates fine tones.
Looked then found,
a joyful zone.
Faith unbound,
inner light shown.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Never too late

Shells of what I thought would be,
reflections stare back at me.
Challenging what my eyes see,
all encaged thoughts are set free.

My blood flows like windy seas,
pressure of a narrow stream.
Present times erase all dreams,
all hopes choke on haunting screams.

Tomorrow goals swiftly flee,
too tired to turn the key.
Future has no guarantee,
today holds what minds foresee.

Tiny shivers igniting glee,
paving every step that leads.
Mirrored paths plant hopeful seeds,
sense of pride produce sweat beads.

Echoed smiles provides great peace,
happiness flows with warm ease.
Sitting still like a wise tree,
watch time travel in the breeze.

Chances arrive suddenly,
each year bring joy jubilees.
Hopeful daydreams buzz like bees,
paint bright possibilities.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I can no longer recognize
the look I carry in my eyes.
A knowing stare,
becomes a glare,
with all that dare,
to be unfair.

I can no longer sit and sigh
then fall asleep on comfy lies.
Must search for proof,
swim in pure truth,
make bumpy smooth,
seamlessly soothe.

I can no longer chew on hate,
all past resentments left to fate.
My will proceeds
at lightning speed,
jumps to succeed,
to then exceed.

I can balance both light and dark,
losing fears while brightening sparks.
Feeling so brave,
breaking the chains,
igniting flames,
erasing shame.

I can answer when being called,
all of my senses standing tall.
Build what I see,
flow with the breeze,
feeling at ease,
my soul flies free.

I can assist with spreading light,
extend my hand, help hearts unite.
Throwing a rope,
helping some cope,
tilting the slope,
offering hope.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Stand for your beliefs.
Do not allow others views,
to hide in your eyes.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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