Three steps forward,
two steps back.
Slow but surely
kept on track.
Push hard onward,
but still pulled.

Find the courage
and the strength,
to lay dormant
hold blind faith.
Focussed intent
form glories,
dreams manifest
new stories.

Borrow bright light
from the stars,
swallow swiftly
dissolve tar.
Ignite magic
start the fire
love transpires.

Hopeful wishes,
choose to fly,
bright warm kisses,
push them high.
Flow-through endless
turquoise hues,
a tremendous
seamless view.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published June 17, 2021


I need to learn
to let things slide,
disregard burns
that sting my pride.

I love too hard
and hurt too deep,
hold a firm guard,
my thoughts I keep.

Sensitive soul
with iron fist,
parts of a whole
both sides exist.

Protective shell,
sensitive core,
hear inner bells,
open the door.

Stubborn fears fall
with hesitance,
breaks concrete walls
and resistance.

Stories to tell,
sparks to explore.
Touch hearts and cells,
light every pore.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published December 19, 2021


Seven rays,
rule my world.
as they twirl.

Purple hues,
not confused,
always knows
and it shows.

Confused pink,
sneaky winks,
so unsure,
silent lure.

Working blue,
finds the clues,
to promote,
others hopes.

Yellow cares,
always there,
love and light,
shining bright

Orange goals,
gains control.
never waits.

Passion red,
gets ahead,
moving fast,
with a blast.

Vibrant green,
quite serene.
Create tunes
and communes.

Seven rays,
shadow gray,
balance beam,
calmest stream.

Black and white,
day and night,
to assist

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on June 2, 2021

Paint and Sip

Purple echoes, whisper truths,
calmness cascade, stress reduce.
Lilac covered silhouettes,
peaceable hues chase regrets.

Lavender skies on display,
puffy clouds create bouquets.
Iris enhances full moon,
sweet floral scents make hearts swoon.

Amethyst thoughts shine so high,
breaths escape within a sigh.
Thirsty lips savor grape wine,
last brush stroke completes design.

Magenta acrylic paint,
masterpiece flawlessly quaint.
One last look and quick goodbye,
pull away so art could dry.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #158– August 29, 2023
Prompt – Peaceable

Tea Time

A gentle pour,
offers much more.
sweet sensations.

Chamomile sips,
jump start this trip,
serenely soothes,
tensions remove.

Lavender tea,
offers great ease.
peacefully still,
dreams climb uphill.

Flavorful chai,
help hopes climb high.
validate thoughts,
great wishes caught.

Heal with mixed herbs,
float undisturbed,
sit in true bliss,
smiles reminisce.

Golden honey,
makes days sunny,
shields hearts from storms,
life feels so warm.

– Grace Y. Estevez -Reddy

Written for FFFC #234 hosted by Fandango

Goodbye Past

Inhale fears,
exhale regrets.
Every tear,
drowns silhouettes.
Rusted gears,
thoughts pirouette.
Helpless cheers,
old worn cassettes.
Through the years,
no one forgets,
words we hear,
caught up in nets.
Sting my ears,
wipe away sweat.
Swiftly steer,
wishes progress.

Dreams progress,
with every steer.
Never sweat,
unclog both ears.
Release nets,
free words we hear,
then forget
hurts every years.
Play cassettes,
sing, dance, and cheer.
polishes gears.
absorb old tears.
Heal regrets,
remove all fears.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What Do You See # 201 August 28, 2023

Light Presence

Up on a tree,
or in the sea,
flying so free,
like honey bees.

Floats all through town,
look all around,
like happy clowns,
removes sad frowns.

All that I am
seen as a scam,
maybe a ram,
or tender lamb.

But what is true,
always comes through,
creates new views,
filled with bright hues.

I am the all,
that never falls,
both big and small
blessings befall.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on October 24, 2021


Forsaken by your simple mind,
makes my life dance,

I wave goodbye.

Your selfish ways, always unkind,
desperate to take
what others find.

I elevate, then feel your sigh,
all eyes are shut
or simply blind.

The games you play are well outlined,
until confined.

Entrapment with no reason why,
just entertain
your hidden side.

You like to laugh as others cry,
to see through you
hurts me inside.

Not knowing all you chose to hide,
so glad that I

opened my eyes.

I hold my tongue, release all binds,
no wish for luck
or evil grind.

Our lives no longer intertwine,
never look back,

past thoughts remind.

Instead, my heart chooses to fly,

under the sun,
pure and divine.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published June 29,2021

Break the Cycle

Hurt people hurt others,
I have often been told.
Invisible bruises
can turn warm into cold.

Inflict great discomforts,
somehow cozy control.
Pridefully empowered,
feeds inner darkened holes.

They never imagined
life would end up like this,
pain given to others,
shoves them down an abyss.

When opened eyes can see,
all the heartaches they caused,
Guilt will grasp from within,
force scorn to take a pause.

Once profound aches all stop,
they can find hidden roots,
To expose a dark past,
will make ego fall mute.

As held trauma resolves,
newfound peace, hearts will find.
Empathy for others,
can help this world feel kind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy
Moonwashed Weekly Challenge #157– August 22, 2023
Prompt – Somehow Cozy

Truly Loyal

An aimless quest for honesty ,
wonders who is out for a piece,
searches for truth in eyes she sees,
finds a true heart that cares for free.

Inner fire has long burnt out,
no desires, days dance with doubts,
generous soul fills every drought,
provides pure love, hopes bliss soon sprouts.

Suspicion settles, deep inside,
serenity enters her mind.
Stresses release, no longer hides,
affection flows, tensions subside.

Purrs and chuckles answer all pleas,
real happiness turns inner keys.
Tender friendship renders sweet glee,
strong connection flies endlessly.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #233 hosted by Fandango

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