Blue Boy

He lives life like a dream,
waits for days of luck.
Visits trash cans for food,
works the streets for a buck.

His face carries tear stains
underneath both eyes,
his smile is an unsure
mix of hope with pride.

So tired of days living
a life of torture,
he prays hard for a bone,
slight light exposure.

Wishes for a future,
that gives him a ride.
To transforms his slump walk,
into a smooth stride.

Pure faith and good fortune
held close to his side,
self confidence rises
no reason to hide.

Inner fights to accept,
others unlike him.
A dark void and unrest
makes their hearts so dim.

Giant smiles that consume,
brands of luxuries.
Ignoring ugly doom,
blind to misery.

A lesson he gathered,
was now simply shown,
money is quite useful,
but not for his throne.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #203 hosted by Fandango

Serenity Lane

As calmness stands can wishes move?
Hopes gravitate, faith helps improve.
Do quiet minds tumble and fall?
They calmly connect with it all.

All lessons transform to outlines.
Will inner compass guide through time?
Insecure thoughts all lead to traps.
Can bright actions design new maps?

Do kind deeds help warm light expand?
Positive thoughts always enhance.
Will this appease the need for more?
A brand new view can open doors.

Sweat off the brows brings a new day.
Can shiny worlds sweep gloom away?
Allow the conscience to be right.
Does fate offer paths to insight?

Is night and day a true contrast?
Perceptions can be made up fast.
Can opposites ever rejoin?
Duality is a flipped coin.

Sun dances in showers of rain.
Does self acceptance wash off pain?
Feel good inside from head to feet.
Can inner love make hearts complete?

– Grace Y. estevez – Reddy

Response to Sadje’s picture prompt on What do you see #170 January 23, 2023

Burnt Toast

Do all that you could,
transform bad to good.
Scrape badly burnt toast,
transform least to most.

Give to never take,
hardly stop for breaks.
Scrape badly burnt toast,
let positive host.

Drink fresh lemonade,
lay in bed you made.
Scrape badly burnt toast,
paddle your own boat.

Withstand all tough tests,
dump bad, kept the best.
Scrape badly burnt toast,
allow joys to coast .

Chase darkness away,
everyday is okay.
Scrape badly burnt toast,
become a light post.

Tug of war to pull,
glass always half full.
No need to scrape toast,
live what your heart wrote.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


What can she do to show she cares?
What can she do with hands so bare?
Witness his struggles everyday,
think to herself “he’ll be okay”.

What can she do to provide gain?
What can she do to relieve strain?
Carry his load, help lug the weight,
mouth to herself “life will be great”.

What can she do to solve puzzles?
What can she do to ease troubles?
Know that true love never dilutes,
remember how “efforts bear fruit”

What can she do to numb his pain?
What can she do so blessings rain?
Comfort him softly with sweet words,
inside recite past “lessons learned”.

What can she do so they’re able?
What can she do so they’re stable?
Empathize, hope, and understand,
keep them both strong, firmly hold hands.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Room with a View

Dark shadows haunt his restless mind,
reflect dull pain buried inside.
Self confidence falls far behind,
life on a table, window side.
Sleep toss and turns wrestles all night,
raw foggy thoughts serve as a guide.
Peace has no chance to win this fight,
chaos takes aim, sorrows kill pride.
Depression clouds each shiny sight,
no fear or anger is applied.
Profound sadness shades what is bright,
removes wants, hopes, and sheer delight.

Pushes himself to gain delight,
attempts to focus on the bright.
His greatest efforts are applied,
keeps both his eyes on the prized sight.
Conquers all hardships, regains pride,
realizes peace clears away fight.
Allows his soul to truly guide,
for the first time sleeps through the night.
Sits by the table window side,
watches dry ashes fall behind.
Feels positive ignite inside,
as serene joy consumes his mind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #202 hosted by Fandango

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