Mirror Mirror

Whatever helps you sleep at night
so that your conscience rests at ease.
Embrace what makes your actions right,
so your heart is finally pleased.

It does not matter who you shame
while absolving all of your sins.
Your reasoning for placing blame
“they need to gain some thicker skin.”

The pointer seems to face away,
as faults fall off you piece by piece.
Hurt guilts somehow decide to stay,
tormenting all your inner peace.

What if you tried to absorb light?
Will extreme ego then decrease?
What if you vanquished all your spite?
Will a pure love then set you free?

An inner love you can proclaim
when nourishing yourself within.
Do not lash out or place false aims,
or try to take another’s win.

Look at the mirror feel delight,
twisting around your inner key.
Let your reflection shine out bright,
positive is what you will be.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Sighed Tears

Crystal tears fall from my eyes,
made of pain I held inside,
took some years for me to cry,
shook my head and simply sighed.

Shook my head and simply sighed,
as each year flew past my time,
within me, pieces had died,
every time I failed to climb.

Every time I failed to climb,
motivation was declined,
turning goals to bitter lime,
newfound fears fogging my mind.

Newfound fears fogging my mind,
till my heart transformed old sights,
making bad thoughts become kind,
gathered tears light up quite bright.

Gathered tears light up quite bright,
my future will always rise,
happiness inside me shines,
crystal tears fall from my eyes.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


They say all emotions,
live within the heart,
degrees of devotion
sets each one apart.

A heart pumped by anger,
rejects a soft touch,
relies on an anchor
or revolts too much.

A heart pumped by sadness,
adheres when embraced,
pounds swiftly to gladness,
igniting its pace.

A heart pumped by true love
flutters like a dove
lingering up above
warms souls like a glove.

A heart pumped by pure joy,
gives off neutral hues,
known to quickly destroy
all unwanted views.

They say that all feelings,
dwell deep in the heart.
Embrace inner healing,
balance every part.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


As the world spins
does it shed sins?
Making wrongs right
all day and night?
Are problems solved
quickly absolved?
Do winds bring hope?
enough to cope?

Do all our fears,
and guilty tears,
grab hold and steer,
as gloom appears?
Do we throw hooks,
behave like rooks,
in little nooks,
exchanging looks?

Did we invent
outer intent?
A force to blame
for inner shame?
If we decide
to look inside,
what will we find
along with pride?

A tiny light,
twinkles at sight,
a brilliant force,
connecting source.
A silent bell
we know too well,
guides and compels,
within our cells.

– Grace Y. Estevez -Reddy


A wise empath I know,
carries distinctive eyes.
Her reflective mirrors,
expose secrets that hide.

Feeling every sorrow,
she lessens aches and pains.
Shares tears others swallow,
connecting to their chains.

Lets lies slide unnoticed,
so no one feels ashamed.
Unwanted emotions,
penetrate just the same.

Offers an open hand
at the risk of her fall.
Absorbing great sadness,
then dissolving them all.

Walking angel on earth,
still, will not spare her wrath.
Stands perfectly balanced,
while creating fair paths.

A mystical presence,
aura fills up the air.
Pure lit divine essence,
always driven to care.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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