Bake Sale

Beautiful day,
money to make.
Cold lemonade,
fun treats to bake.

Sisters appear,
with helpful hands.
Instant career,
refreshment stand.

healthy debate.
their going rate.

Barter to pay,
with a cup cake.
they frown and say,
“For goodness sakes.”

Sweet and yummy,
hard to resist,
happy tummy’s
quickly enlist.

Guilt creeps inside,
sweeps through the air,
Choose to divide,
so all is fair.

Successful day,
count out the cash.
Split wealth three ways,
give them their stash.

Together plan,
next years menu.
Our solid clan,
perfect venue.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #209 hosted by Fandango


Organize the week ahead,
or read a good book instead.
“Procrastination steals time”
listen to loud inner chimes.

Sit right down prepared to write,
daydreams always win this fight.
“Loose grip on sweet fantasies,
tamper with reality.”

Smell the flowers, grab a treat,
hope the next few days are sweet.
Create plans to follow through,
filled with goals hearts can pursue.

Schedule is finally filled,
sit back at ease, also thrilled,
made sure each day carries fun,
so happiness also runs.

Written for FFFC #208 hosted by Fandango


It begins with a lump,
difficult to swallow.
Mimicked by the night sky,
full moon appears hollow.
In search of a kind hand,
or a star to follow.
Cut worn links from the past,
with no need to wallow.

Firm bed sinks like quick sand,
each breath causes quakes,
awkwardness forms a smile,
broken, clumsy, and fake.
Outside views are frozen,
as inside spirit bakes.
Wishes float in silence,
glide along for the take.

Wet palms become oceans,
dry mouth form desert lands.
Deep vibrating rhythms,
penetrate with demands.
Anxiety rises,
strong fears take solid stands,
confuses well known thoughts,
obstructs every last plan.

Brilliant energy sparks,
huge eyes watch it twinkle,
open scared eager heart,
pray hard for a sprinkle.
A beam full of bright light,
irons away wrinkles.
Conquer stress one more time,
feel inner joy trickle.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Written for FFFC #207 hosted by Fandango

Wise One

An angel lives within my dreams,
protects me from all inner screams.
shines his bright light on tricks or schemes,
grateful to have him on my team.

He has no wings but pushes starts,
guards minds and soul, tugs open hearts.
Designs life’s scenes, then plays his part.
touches the sky to paint fine art.

Controls the minutes in each clock,
his powers can destroys strong blocks.
Effortlessly, removes all locks,
clears away thoughts ingrained in flocks.

Allows divine love to disperse,
bliss heals dark wounds so joy can burst,
Paints a true smile by smiling first,
sincere intentions, quenches thirsts.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #206 hosted by Fandango


Tangled in an alluring dance,
oblivious to this second chance.
Entrapped in this infinite noose,
knots wrapped so tight, can not come loose.

He tosses, turns, tries hard to sway,
so hard to move, caught like hurt prey.
His helpless heart stands still in place,
gives into loss, no will to chase.

But sacrifice is not his claim,
refuses to play worthless games.
Calms all his nerves, searches his mind,
a taste of hope his heart soon finds.

Opens both eyes then comes to see,
his captive soul was always free.
The ego side, afraid to live,
this realization made knots give.

Determined to accept life’s ride,
he spun his globe and let it guide.
This new journey glowed with bright light,
then filled him up with great insight.

Aware that he was well prepared,
cleared away fears, ensured he dared.
Excitement flowed deep in his veins,
shielding him from transparent chains.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #205 hosted by Fandango


Vibrating loops,
targets a group,
entangles truths,
ignore all proof.

Floating around,
intrusive sound,
ego echoes,
runs silent show.

Voices replay,
words whispers say,
swims around brain,
to create pain.

Cover both ears,
avoid sad tears,
keep lips so shut,
judgements can cut.

Vibrating loops,
energies swoop,
blind aware eyes,
assumptions fly.

Strong focused mind,
remain so kind,
starve the unfair,
choose not to care.

Let it all go,
heart starts to glow,
sentences slide,
facts do not hide.

Sounds loud and pure,
miracle cure,
balanced within,
quietly grin.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #204 hosted by Fandango

Blue Boy

He lives life like a dream,
waits for days of luck.
Visits trash cans for food,
works the streets for a buck.

His face carries tear stains
underneath both eyes,
his smile is an unsure
mix of hope with pride.

So tired of days living
a life of torture,
he prays hard for a bone,
slight light exposure.

Wishes for a future,
that gives him a ride.
To transforms his slump walk,
into a smooth stride.

Pure faith and good fortune
held close to his side,
self confidence rises
no reason to hide.

Inner fights to accept,
others unlike him.
A dark void and unrest
makes their hearts so dim.

Giant smiles that consume,
brands of luxuries.
Ignoring ugly doom,
blind to misery.

A lesson he gathered,
was now simply shown,
money is quite useful,
but not for his throne.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #203 hosted by Fandango

Room with a View

Dark shadows haunt his restless mind,
reflect dull pain buried inside.
Self confidence falls far behind,
life on a table, window side.
Sleep toss and turns wrestles all night,
raw foggy thoughts serve as a guide.
Peace has no chance to win this fight,
chaos takes aim, sorrows kill pride.
Depression clouds each shiny sight,
no fear or anger is applied.
Profound sadness shades what is bright,
removes wants, hopes, and sheer delight.

Pushes himself to gain delight,
attempts to focus on the bright.
His greatest efforts are applied,
keeps both his eyes on the prized sight.
Conquers all hardships, regains pride,
realizes peace clears away fight.
Allows his soul to truly guide,
for the first time sleeps through the night.
Sits by the table window side,
watches dry ashes fall behind.
Feels positive ignite inside,
as serene joy consumes his mind.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #202 hosted by Fandango

Personal Quest

Foggy fall day,
leaves on display,
subtle self doubts
inwardly shout.

Every mistake
shook her awake.
Hope this season,
highlights reasons.

Is life a hoax?
mirage of smoke?
Is there a cure,
for the obscure?

Eyes seem so blind,
clues hard to find.
Truth in plain sight,
scared to be right.

All is her fault,
inward assault.
No one to blame,
or need for shame.

The real purpose,
for this circus?
A fun playground,
that spins around.

Never alone,
fulfillment shown,
Love acts are kind,
ease hearts and mind.

A balanced breeze
flows with great peace.
gained self-control,
twinkles her soul.

– Grace Y Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #201 hosted by Fandango

Mystical Scene

Waves of old thoughts,
splash with regret,
powerful force,
crash without rest.

Infinite course,
tough to forget,
memories caught,
in the mind’s net.

An orange hue
gleams straight ahead,
attacks the blues
kills sorrows dead.

Gold tinted views
defeats all dread,
repeats pure truths
so peace can spread.

Ocean shines warm
with amber light,
great dreams transform
into plain sight.

Calms the rough storms,
wrongs become right,
arch rock wall forms
twinkles shine bright.

Clear wishes fly,
hopes float so high,
touch the blue sky
release deep sighs.

Close misty eyes
see concrete signs,
visions comply
sad knots untie.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FFFC #200 hosted by Fandango

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