Why not?

What’s wrong with having fantasies?
Must we all see, to then believe?
Why must this be reality?
I rather build what I perceive!

Why can’t my life be my daydream?
Every new day would be supreme.
All human beings on the same team,
within each smile a beaming gleam.

No deceptions or need for lies,
all felt hunger would quickly die.
Each breathing life feels nature’s tie,
instinctively learns to abide.

If everyone wants to feel whole,
why can’t we break away from molds?
What would it take to free our souls,
from playing these unfulfilled roles?

Why can’t our lives consist of peace,
and everything come in with ease?
All wishes instantly received,
flying to us like a warm breeze.

Maybe if one day hearts unite,
embrace more love while ending fights,
a new world can arise so bright,
transforming darkness into light.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I beg myself to make a mark,
my shadowed fears play in the dark.
I know that I could light the spark,
but hesitance builds whispered barks.

Clumsy vigor loses its pace,
running quickly while still in place.
Pray for the slightest touch of grace,
so I do not fall on my face.

Ease the tension off my shoulders,
standing tall, while feeling bolder.
My inner strength slowly smolders,
steering fate as the beholder.

Every new step carries great force,
a serene peace flows through each course.
Focus my view like a racehorse,
creating moves, guided by source.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Invisible tears that spill from sad eyes,
no invitations,
or reasoning why.

Inaudible screams can sometimes be heard,
filled with hidden fears,
that may sound absurd.

Internal worries can at times take place,
crumbling inside,
yet displaying grace.

One never knows what another holds in,
stop pointing out flaws,
judging foreign sins.

Remember that others reflect for you,
projections you make,
ignite what comes through.

Try being a friend, distributing love,
allow your presence,
to shine from above.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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