A withered rose to represent,
the tie that binds, damaged and bent.
Those times we spent, came to an end,
ran out of space, to make amends.

They got your ears, fed them with lies
you should have known me deep inside.
Unpleasant looks filled up your eyes,
did not defend, instead, I sighed.

A stranger’s face is what I seen,
when I last saw you look at me.
Old days are lost, will never be,
for the best good, we both agree.

Let’s laugh at times from our past,
a youthful space with no contrast.
Imagined games, we wished could last,
enjoying life, having a blast.

Wish you the best, from dawn to dusk,
may we both find friends we can trust,
my life is good as it adjusts,
aged memories transform to dust

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on March 26, 2021


A united path,
can divide for a reason.
Learn, heal, then move on.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


The smile you wear within your eyes,
are just for show, a great disguise,
a display of what hides inside,
sad little girl forced to oblige.

The thoughts you carry of yourself,
only serves you and no one else.
A narcissist can make hearts melt,
until their slow poison is felt.

The hurt you caused me this last time,
shot me so hard, echoed and chimed.
It punctured bruises in my heart,
and made my decreased trust depart.

The things that I know now, I knew,
but still prayed that they were not true.
My confidant was always you,
with blindfolds on, I had no clue.

The connection we had was strong,
it served a purpose for so long,
fate had a reason, was not wrong,
but could not go further prolonged.

The day I see you walking by,
I wish to see your head held high,
hope you have light held in your eyes,
waving hello to my goodbye.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Will not impose on your new life,
just need to know you are alright.
Did you turn on the outdoor lights?
or was it dark throughout the night?

Hate to impose but need to ask,
was I in love with a worn mask?
Is your heart numb? Did it turn black?
How did our love become a task?

Sad to impose, but one more thing.
Now that I left, does your heart sing?
Have you discovered your own wings?
Is life much better without strings?

Will not impose, focused with me,
with clear visions of what will be.
Standing as firm as a proud tree.
Floating like waves sailing the sea.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on March 11, 2021

All for the best

The truth that hid within your eyes
was clear to all, but I was blind.
Searching inside for reasons why,
you would hurt those that treat you kind.

Together we both learned to fly,
a perfect fit, unique design.
I thought this love would never die,
but somehow feelings just declined.

You turned so cold as time sped by,
emotionless, and so confined.
It felt like winter in July,
as happy times tumbled behind.

Picked up my head then held it high,
synching my heart, body, and mind.
Let past hurts leave, I said good bye,
removing doubts, gaining self pride.

Push myself hard for one more try,
watching as links swiftly align.
Wishes flutter up to the sky,
connections appear well defined.

I pray that all your hopes comply,
knowing my path will be divine.
Powerful source always supplies,
my needs all met, all wants I find.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

So long

What used to be
lives in your eyes,
a tarnished key
holds all demise.
Yesterdays dream
lets out a sigh,
a silent scream
mutes inner cries.

Blink away tears
that smudge all gain,
erase old fears
that carry pain.
Cover both ears
feeling insane,
feel sorrow near
on this torn lane.

A time that passed
new lessons learned,
heartbeats are slashed
emotions burned.
Wishes have crashed
intentions turned,
forgiveness splashed
true love is earned.

Grateful for times
that brought me light,
pushed my steep climbs
warmed up my nights.
Secured my prime
made all wrongs right,
memories chime
my soul shines bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

All over again

Another chance,
to break my heart.
Another trance,
strong will departs.
Another glance,
make options smart.
Another dance,
forms a new start.

Brace my being,
for what will be.
Brace the feelings,
I let fly free.
Brace for meetings,
to hear sad pleas.
Brace the healing,
of you and me.

A better try,
lets go of fears.
A hope so high,
dries up old tears.
A joyful cry,
rings in my ears.
A dream that flies,
guides every year.

Time to forget,
and throw away.
Time to regret,
all selfish ways.
Time to offset,
a darker place.
Time to just let,
light fill all days.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Silence is hidden,
inside of your eyes.
Lips full of answers
smothered with wise lies.

All truths are revealed
exposed by your eyes.
Back-peddling words
disclosed by surprise.

Awkward discomfort
expressed in your eyes.
No words are needed,
tears glue our demise.

Hopes have been ruined
as seen in your eyes,
you want one more win
yet despise the prize.

My unspoken words
scream loud in my eyes,
they say their farewells
with one breathless sigh.

Newfound intentions
live within my eyes.
is my greatest tie.

Best wishes and love
shine from both our eyes,
mute words go unheard
our eyes say goodbye.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Lick the envelope,
bid you a farewell.
Melancholy smiles
mute the words I yell

Holding the letter
that carries my thoughts.
Logic in answers,
yet feeling distraught

Handing it over,
receiving my own.
Thankful for moments
with lessons now known

Taking unpaved paths,
detached and set free.
Leaving your presence,
returning to me

Reading this letter
helps me realize.
My ultimate peace,
is the valued prize

Goodbye and farewell,
hope life grants you ease.
May you find your way,
flowing with the breeze

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Always a pressing debt to pay,
a role to play,
great lines to say.

A hidden little nook to fill,
swallow the pill,
strengthens all will

A painted smile stained solemn face,
run in the race,
legs locked in place.

No one is ever quite enough,
no longer tough,
life was too rough

“I love you” is another phrase,
feelings convey,
causing a sway.

First-place can never come in last,
it happened fast,
forgotten past.

A new beginning chases clouds,
Sun shines around,
light takes a bow

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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