Forever Love

A precious dove fell deep in love,
with a fierce hawk flying above.
One day they met, a friendship set,
their heartbeats formed a great duet.

The pretty dove often felt plain,
uninteresting, and so mundane,
Until the hawk erased all lines,
gave her his heart for Valentines .

They spent this day under sun rays,
laughed as they played til skies turned grey.
Decided to follow their hearts,
then vowed to never be apart.

Some differences soon came to light,
the dove felt dull, no longer bright.
Her flight not high, lacked sharp hawk eyes,
inside her worth had slowly died.

Loud silence made him feel uptight,
hawk knew that something was not right.
He went for flights, promptly each night,
searching for ways to make dove bright.

A new idea soon came to him,
to find out why his dove turned dim.
Exposed his soul so she could see,
how his fondness will always be.

She soon explained what she believed,
he smiled at her feeling relieved.
“Our differences excite our days,
enhance in many distinct ways.”

The couple soon went back to peace,
as everyday their love increased.
Though not the same, they were twin flames,
eternal love they both proclaimed.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Steady Valentine

Cupid’s kiss greets me each morning,
trivial thoughts still soundly snoring,
fears cascade, no scars or scorning,
love filled eyes always adoring.

Each sunrise a joy that lingers,
grasp it tight with every finger,
spreading warmth with unseen slingers,
provides bliss positive bringer.

Floral gifts can be so pleasing,
but prefer a heartfelt squeezing,
discomforts instantly healing,
absorbing calm hues while breathing.

Valentine’s day is amazing,
everyday is also blazing,
celebrate by always praising,
connections that lead to brazing.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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