Twin Flames

Torn into two
Welded above
Infinite view
Nurturing love

Forever pure
Loyalty glows
A perfect cure
Miracles show
Essence allures
Sewn spirits flow

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary on October 1. When I found this October challenge dedicated to a loved one, I just knew I had to join. I decided not to use his name but opted to use the words that symbolize us instead. Thank you for reading.đź’•

Word count: 23

Written in response to Rebecca’s October poetry challenge

What Dreams May Come

Our sprouted seeds, followed the cloak,
transforming all your hopes to smoke.
Dark tears you cried, created life,
the art you made expressed your strife.

The cloak came back, this time for me,
breaking you down, bruising your knees.
Grief filled your heart, pushed till you fell,
I fought to bring you back from hell.

You would not budge, you lost your way,
but snapped right back fearing I’d stay.
We dried our tears, ran from that place,
escaped the pit, to follow grace.

United with all we thought lost,
love does prevail as heartbeats cross.
Another chance to be reborn,
a brand new slate without a scorn.

Decide to give it one more try,
right from the start, live side by side.
This time without a space to fail,
we wave good bye as our ship sails.

True love could never be erased,
instead it grows a bit each day.
Painting fine pictures that come true,
made to shine bright for me and you.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


My heart becomes a butterfly,
whenever I feel you near.
Your arms provide my comfort,
scaring off my greatest fears.
Your presence has been heaven sent,
wiping off my silent tears.
Your aura a refreshment,
making my heart bright and clear.
Your joy is contingent on mine
Your pure soul flows undefined
You point out truths showing signs
Reflective love, defying time.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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