Past times

Memories made of marmalade,
sweeten my life, brighten my days.
Enhance my skills, fill me with thrills,
help as I climb wavering hills

Impressions made of fruit preserves,
disrupt sad thoughts, provide a swerve.
Make all strife pause, no need or cause,
standing ovations, await applause.

Remembrance made from berry jam,
anchored my mind before it swam.
Dust off past fails, letting me sail,
teaching me to always prevail.

Echoes of times made of jelly.
Festive moments feeling ready.
Move goals along, humming a song,
recall the seasons for which I long.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

Good Riddance

I throw dense boulders on my past.
Old kicks and punches,

fractured mast.

Tearing my heart

to simple shreds,
a gain in tears

from which they fed.

I throw dense boulders on my past.
Releasing pain,

set free at last.

Despair at sail,

each day I failed
alone in snowy

storms of hail.

I throw dense boulders on my past.
Lessons received,

fermented fast.

Solemn pictures

in pretty frames
creating life

from petty games.

I throw dense boulders on my past
Awakened life,

designed contrast.

My heart is new,

people are true
with shiny distinct

point of views.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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