United Paths

So funny to see 
all judgments that hide,
through false honesty,
expressed within eyes.

Relive the same tale.
play a unique role,
Both male and female,
mirror every soul.

Some aggressively,
others peacefully,
act destructively,
behave gracefully.

Each being is sketched,
to follow routines,
molded so perfect,
to feed the machine.

Play parts in a scheme
designed for a fall,
hold up a clear dream
as blessings for all.

Held expectations,
no limitations.
Great aspirations,
create sensations.

Thoughts swim in the mind,
hopes live in each hand.
assist and define,
try to understand.

A plot with great twists
lead lifetimes we live,
learn to coexist
accept and forgive.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on October 13,2021


Three steps forward,
two steps back.
Slow but surely
kept on track.
Push hard onward,
but still pulled.

Find the courage
and the strength,
to lay dormant
hold blind faith.
Focussed intent
form glories,
dreams manifest
new stories.

Borrow bright light
from the stars,
swallow swiftly
dissolve tar.
Ignite magic
start the fire
love transpires.

Hopeful wishes,
choose to fly,
bright warm kisses,
push them high.
Flow-through endless
turquoise hues,
a tremendous
seamless view.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published June 17, 2021

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