falling apart,
with vanity,
consuming hearts.
flings hateful darts,
erasing smarts.

Doubtful eyes,
walking around.
Hurtful cries,
vibrating sounds.
False disguise,
seem so profound.
Painful lies,
swiftly surround.

Great clarity,
causes restart,
makes love an art,
brings unity,
hatred departs,
flies off the charts.

Gained control,
pledges and oaths,
mend all holes,
so faith can grow.
Every role,
impacts the flow,
clears the soul,
so peace can glow.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

United Paths

So funny to see 
all judgments that hide,
through false honesty,
expressed in the eyes.

Living the same tale.
playing unique roles,
Both male and female,
mirror every soul.

Some aggressively,
others peacefully,
Some destructively,
others gracefully.

Each being is sketched,
to follow routines,
then molded perfect,
to feed the machine.

Playing in a scheme
designed for a fall,
holding a clear dream
as blessings for all.

Held expectations,
no limitations.
Great aspirations,
create sensations.

Thoughts swim in the mind,
hopes live in each hand.
assist and define,
try to understand.

A plot with great twists
lead lifetimes we live,
learning to exist
and ways to forgive.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I ask for source to be my guide,
and vanquish any faults it finds.
Shield my heart from indifference,
and offer me deliverance.

Protect me from, just giving up,
so I can fill all empty cups.
I always want to sense and care,
stand firm for what I feel is fair.

Walk through this path with open eyes,
not blind myself with selfish pride.
I do not want to eat alone,
and do not want a heart of stone.

Please show me how to turn my cheek,
and coat the words I dare to speak.
Allow my claws to scratch good luck,
so I bring ease where sadness struck.

Empty, alone, insufficient,
is not the way my story ends.
My light-filled soul always comes through,
evicting flaws, building me new.

Grant me strength from lessons learned,
compassion shared will be returned.
Igniting love, to watch it grow,
then set it free, follow its flow.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


The world I see
is not for me,
judgmental breeze,
from which I flee.

I wish for ways
to find escapes,
entrapping tape
keeps me at bay.

I long to heal
from the unreal,
new world reveals
all that I feel.

I plant a seed
wishes concede,
forces agree
to set me free.

I move and sway
a different way,
another day
does what I say

A stronger voice
offers a choice,
play like a toy
or create joy.

Happiness grew
from what I drew,
all I pursue
now becomes tru

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


What happened to humanity?
Did people lose their dignity?
Did hearts dissolve?
Did brains just freeze?
Did blindness reach infinity?

What if caring became a trend?
Will this bring all wars to an end?
Will we resolve?
Will anger cease?
Will we unitedly ascend?

What can we do to change this place?
Can one affect a stagnant space?
Can we evolve?
Can we see peace?
Can we smile bright and shine with grace?

If everyone finds inner light,
Conflicts will never lead to fights.
Problems will solve.
Hopes will increase.
Humanity can then unite

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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