Stop the Chase

No matter what you try to do,
people react how they want to.
If hearts are pure while helping out,
it could still trigger silent doubts.

Some fly through hoops just to be liked,
but still annoyance can be spiked,
or maybe one can change their tune,
just to come off as a dull goon.

People perceive the way they choose,
so be yourself with no excuse,
they may or may not judge your views,
but to your soul you should be true.

The ones that you should care about,
will wipe your tears and stay throughout,
while others you try to impress,
may choke on thoughts of your success.

A lesson that I have learned well,
is how to feel what others sell,
to see if they can accept me,
if they can not, I let them be.

Speak to my guides all day and night,
ask for a life that fits me right.
Hope I encounter beings of light,
so together we all shine bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Opened Eyes

What can I do,
with no one left?
I trusted you,
you failed the test.

You told me I could open up,
lips that are sealed, never erupt.
I put my faith in our strong tie,
blindsided by all of your lies.

What should I do,
standing alone?
To split in two,
hurts to the bone.

I thought we shared a sacred bond,
that would outlast life and beyond.
You know me better than I do,
and just the same I know you too.

What will I do
all by myself?
Begin all new,
step off the shelf.

Know that my thoughts are safe and true,
appreciate how much I grew.
Moving along gathering clues,
navigate life, create new views.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


An instant
on my phone.
caring thoughts,
while feeling
so alone.

True stories
with disguised
new outlooks.
man made smiles
only shared
on facebook.

Words press hard
from the heart,
in a flash
shared with friends.
Mix feelings
with deep thoughts,
until they
are expressed.

Tik toking
inner clocks,
chatty talks
in a snap.
Makes time fly,
feelings rock,
form and fill
voids and gaps.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

New Circle

Involved yet excluded,
with connections I make.
Always feel secluded,
but refuse to play fake.

Searching for loyal friends,
seems like an endless task.
No pretense or defense,
worn disguises, unmasked.

Sharing deep inner views,
may attract more like minds.
Forever being true,
trustworthy also kind.

Billions of soul siblings,
care for one giant world.
Busy with rivaling,
dark venom often hurled.

Seeking a tight circle
where love and peace expand.
Bonds that are eternal
cheering praise and advance.

Envisioning a pack,
wearing smiles filled with ease,
walking a bright lit path,
filled with wins and great peace.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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