Almost Perfect

A little boy with a big dream,
to live a life that feels supreme,
he always had strong self esteem,
wearing a smile that shines and gleams.

Trying so hard to find his match,
a pretty blonde the perfect catch,
they hit it off both hearts were snatched,
but differences made love dispatch.

On a new day he met a girl,
with distinct features, a rare pearl,
instant connection combined worlds,
but he did not like her dark curls.

Inside so perfect, but her looks,
were not the picture his goals took,
their true love story could write books,
but physical draws became hooks.

She wore a wig to bring him joy,
but felt just like a plastic toy,
she shrugged it off ” he’s just a boy”,
but deep inside she felt destroyed.

He never thought about her likes,
assuming he made heart rates spike,
she never focused on dislikes,
instead she thought they were alike.

Through thick and thin they achieved goals,
while balancing secure plateaus,
watching their passion swiftly grow,
a love so pure it’s essence glows.

In time their reflections had changed,
the mirror had suddenly aged,
insecure thoughts, all dead and caged,
egos old hooks were disengaged.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


I jumped through hoops,
and skinned my knees,
in hopes that you
would notice me

Erased my thoughts,
always agreed,
and prayed that you
would care for me.

I changed my style
and how I speak,
hoping that you
start loving me.

You then approved,
and filled with glee,
not knowing you
did not know me.

Until one day,
I set you free,
returning back
to find true me.

On that same day,
I let you see,
the shine that glowed
inside real me.

We then embraced,
our destiny,
and formed a life
for you and me.

Acceptance for
being unique,
allowed us both
to be happy

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Surrounded by a darkened hue,
talk without reason or a clue,
your uttered words are hardly true,
raw chaos feels at home with you

Erratic tones possess your voice,
portray a victim without choice,
killing the peace with your loud noise,
envying those with natural poise.

Wishing me bad, I wished you good,
you never knew I understood,
I tried to help, did what I could,
your mind was a block of dense wood.

So sad to see what you became,
a grown-up with no ounce of shame,
no one is left to play your games,
now only mirrors can be blamed.

I truly wish you change your ways,
sincerely hope you are okay,
so hurt inside, for you I pray,
that the sun melts despair away.

This life you live is what you choose,
the future may bring better shoes,
but if you choose to cause abuse,
you will soon find, that you will lose

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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