Wishful Birthday

Earth rotates around the sun,
a solid year has now begun.
Another birthday brings me gifts,
health, happiness, and higher lifts.

Breezes blow flames that have now passed,
along with lessons hearts surpass.
Loved ones fill candles on the cake,
to enhance all wishes I make.

Wish for mass healings to take place,
so all pollution is erased.
Hope every mouth savors and tastes,
prosperity in hunger’s place.

May ill felt will all disappear,
so unity could chase off fears.
Request for judgements to disband,
respect for all walks, hand in hand.

Last year’s big wish soon came to be,
many unmasked, pandemics eased.
If this year mimics with great gain,
every last life would never strain.

Envision all intentions made,
close both my eyes as scenes parade.
Blow candles out with a big smile,
absorb the joy pure love compiles.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Birthday Wishes

Another year swiftly flies by
my birthday wishes flutter high.
Blow every candle on the cake
excited wishes then awake.
Imagination now believes,
arms open wide, learn to receive.
Glistening wishes find their way
travel through space for my birthday.

No time or space on this birthday
wishes come true in every way.
All expectations are received,
they manifest if I believe.
Pure intentions always awake,
blow every candle on the cake.
Closing my eyes, exhaling high,
aware that years swiftly fly by.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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