Feel so flushed also displaced,
loose control of my own space,
slowly shift, balance my weight.
hear all emotions debate.

My face falls fast on the ground,
nervously I look around,
can not help but to stare down,
anxious smile becomes a frown.

So embarrassed, forced to see,
what your mind must think of me,
look at you to quickly find,
all the doubts I hold inside.

The floor transforms to quicksand,
suddenly notice your hand,
showing me you understand,
ease my tremble, love expands.

Sweat beads swiftly spread throughout,
water moistens my dry mouth.
Inner strength appears to sprout,
confidence chases all doubts.

Stable forces grasp my feet,
with no room left for defeat.
Stand so solid on concrete,
self assured, whole and complete.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Gain Control

Uneasy sense
haunting my day,
making me tense
my spirit prays.
Take a deep breath
but it still stays,
feel like Macbeth
in my own play.
A yoga pose
or meditate,
try to let go
can’t concentrate.

I close my eyes
release my tears,
let hopes fly high
drowning my fears.
Take one more breath
it disappears,
falls to its death,
the clouds all clear.
Sun rays shine bright
happiness near.
Find inner light
hold it so dear.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


He forgot how to socialize,
silent hellos were amplified.
Unable to just vocalize,
responded slow, acts simplified.

He swallowed hard to gain control,
both sweaty hands made tensions grow,
wishing so hard to play his role,
but did not understands this show.

He threw his arms searching the sky,
a soothing light pierced him inside.
Great confidence flung his soul high,
then gleamed so bright, with inner pride.

He took steps towards positive,
this life was his prerogative,
all lessons were evocative,
eliminating negative.

He gained control, no longer scared,
his heart and soul finally dared.
The ones he loved will remain there,
as for the rest, he did not care.

He took his time and felt so calm,
the future resting on his palm,
anxiety soothed with a psalm,
self assurance, his healing balm.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Deep pain dissolve as tears are shed,
holding them in, creates pure dread,
lingered feelings, grasp to then spread,
depression comes to kill hopes dead.

Anxious thoughts hit, no where to hide,
feel such a hallow pain inside,
so overwhelming, all peace dies,
so hard to swallow, lips chap dry.

Encaged body, feels so alone,
motive is lost, feet turn to stone,
social dependence live in phones,
everyone cares, love goes unknown.

Shed salty tears, sweet ones appear,
cries become laughs, bright essence nears,
kiss on the face dissolves all fears,
“Stay in the present”, sounds so clear.

“One day at a time” ships yesterday,
each passing step brings better ways,
tomorrow is here, bliss starts today,
joy is a choice, without delays.

Confidence comes to peel off masks,
heals emotions, eases all tasks.
Self assurance will rarely ask,
instead feels calm enough to bask.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Anger and rage,
blood bubbles then boils.
Heated flushed face,
emotions recoil.
Headaches vibrate,
tears moisten the soil.
Take center stage,
composure soon broils.

One simple phrase
shoots me to the sun.
Arms become rays,
my words a shotgun.
Past happy days,
use my mind to run.
Peace swims my way,
anxiety stuns.

Angel embrace,
provides a restart.
Kissing my face,
mending my scorned heart.
Veins flow with grace,
all tensions depart.
My serene place,
offers a new start.

Calmness inside
rocks me to full ease.
Patience provides,
freedom like the breeze.
Clarity guides,
providing sound keys.
Let fury slide,
so blurred eyes can see.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Silently screaming,
expressive distress filled eyes,
lips forming a smile.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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