WordPress Anniversary

One year has taught me many things,
sharing my mind unfurled my wings.
I thought WordPress was just a fling,
but fell hard for the joy it brings.

Met many friends with distinct styles,
such unique posts, so versatile,
display of words filled me with smiles,
witnessing their talents compile.

I thank you all for your support,
inspiring me to share my thoughts,
ignoring details that fell short,
motivating me to write more.

This anniversary feels sweet,
hope next year’s bliss simply repeats.
Time spent reading is such a treat,
adding a dance to my heartbeat.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

For years I wrote to feed the trash can. Last year I decided to join Word Press as a way to give my poems a home. Little did I know that I was actually joining a community filled with wonderful, caring, and unique souls. I decided to challenge myself by publishing two pieces per day for a full year. I have so far stuck to rhymes because I enjoy the challenge and fun nature that it brings, but I may be switching it up a bit this next year. I am considering re-publishing a couple of earlier pieces that did not receive many views when I first started, in addition to some new ones. Thank you all so much for your great love, support, and kindness. I truly appreciate each and everyone one of you. Much love to you all.đź’•


Inhaling each breath you exhale,
knowing our love could never fail.
A part of me lives in your eyes,
your presence makes my spirit fly.

We met each other magically,
to change our lives so drastically.
Enhanced by our diversity,
our love extends eternally.

Swimming through life, collecting facts,
while gaining proof that pile in stacks.
Flying in our own hourglass,
forming fond memories as they pass.

Feeling you there all day and night
allows me to shine a bright light.
My constant person, through all time,
a best friend, spouse, partner in crime.

Another anniversary
brings warm and happy melodies.
A perfect love, our hearts combined,
we walk through time, our hands entwined.

Our bond, difficult to describe,
a cure for love that god prescribed.
Euphoric bliss, stronger each day,
enhancing life in every way.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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