Mended Wing

A fragile bird,
damaged her wing,
a pain that burned,
she could not sing.

Voices she heard
made her ears ring,
the peaceful words,
eased aches and stings.

Outlines a blur,
harmony flings.
Angel returns,
hopeful upswing.

The scent of myrrh,
meets natures bling,
felt good to her,
energy zings.

Inner strength stirs,
a sacred sling,
healing occurs,
and pure love clings.

As her heart purrs,
wishes it brings.
Intent infers,
her flight past spring.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


An angel whispered in my ear,
singing a song easing my fears.
This angel made my eyes shed tears,
he took my hand and pulled me near.
Shifting my gears, made my views clear,
he kissed my head then disappeared.

I felt alone also afraid,
my angel left, his love betrayed.
He grabbed my heart, used it to play,
all sadness grew, my grief was weighed.
The sunny light transformed to shade,
fell on my knees, silently prayed.

One sunlit morning he reappeared,
he sang his song, we danced and cheered.
He cut my sorrows with sharp shears,
enhanced my life all steps he steered.
His lingered song is always here,
he volunteered to guide my years.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Earth Angel

An angel mowed
my lawn today,
wings did not show,
harps did not play.

Another one
peddled downtown.
No royal son,
no halo crown.

An angel sang
outside for tips,
all hearts felt pangs
yet money skipped.

Another one
was all alone,
helped everyone
but still unknown.

An angel clutched
my soul today,
my life was touched
in every way.

They walk with us
not standing out,
without a fuss,
without a shout.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Consistent kindness.
Provoking acts of good deeds.
Everyday angels.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Your eyes shout loud, with silent words,
making all logic seem absurd,
your clear message I have now heard.
fluttering by, like a sweet bird

Your eyes wear hidden, unseen smiles,
a mesmerizing, aloof style.
Lost hopes and thoughts create a pile,
I analyze you for a while.

Your eyes both carry a still dance,
guiding me swiftly into a trance,
forcing my will to take a chance,
I slip and fall hitting romance

Your eyes then make me feel at ease,
their light and wisdom turn my key,
angel wings unfold, expand free,
feathery dance within the breeze.

Your eyes give me my full control,
help me escape out of this mold,
feeling complete, finally whole,
soft lullabies play from our soul

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Mauve colored filled dreams
haunt my distant mind,
soothing the pressures
encaged deep inside

Lavender flowers
hold lilac bouquets,
tied intricate knot
secures this display

Iris enhancements,
perfumed by your hues.
Purple winged angel,
garland made for you

Free amethyst thoughts
that shine in the sky,
in my heart you lay,
reading with my eyes

Magenta now leads,
with no lie unseen.
At peace with knowing
you live within me

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Composed of white light,
guardian of my dreams.
Protecting my nights,
while calming my screams.
Owner of my heart,
with abilities
to create fine art,
reliving each scene

He whines back the hour
in any wound clock,
then proves his powers,
destroying all locks.
To fix it again,
all effortlessly,
while clicking a pen
so consistently.

Teaches me to paint
a transparent smile,
releasing restraints
with genuine style.
He wears many wounds
from battles with life,
resembles the moon,
builds towers from strife.

Together we climb,
he sews me some wings
with silk thread and vines,
close our eyes and fling.
I learn how to fly,
secure by his side,
floating past the sky,
he cures me inside.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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