Surrounded by a darkened hue,
talk without reason or a clue,
your uttered words are hardly true,
raw chaos feels at home with you

Erratic tones possess your voice,
portray a victim without choice,
killing the peace with your loud noise,
envying those with natural poise.

Wishing me bad, I wished you good,
you never knew I understood,
I tried to help, did what I could,
your mind was a block of dense wood.

So sad to see what you became,
a grown-up with no ounce of shame,
no one is left to play your games,
now only mirrors can be blamed.

I truly wish you change your ways,
sincerely hope you are okay,
so hurt inside, for you I pray,
that the sun melts despair away.

This life you live is what you choose,
the future may bring better shoes,
but if you choose to cause abuse,
you will soon find, that you will lose

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Charming hook that lured me in
shined so bright it pierced my skin.
A wounded fish with a lost fin
swimming through life, in seas of sin.

Clever arrow with gleaming head
flew through the air, missing instead,
so lucky to have run ahead,
following instinct where it led.

Another day counting the sand,
turned upside down, yet they still land.
The same blank day will not expand
when life must always go as planned.

Chewing on trauma is a trap,
digs in the mind but still leaves gaps,
reliving thoughts until they snap,
spreading fine wings that can not flap.

Pause from climbing, stay in the now,
stop asking, why? instead, ask how?
learn from the past, then make new vows,
others will do as you allow.

Free up regrets, create new goals,
the old is gone, regain control.
Flesh can be torn, but not the soul,
retake the strength they once stole.

Regrets belong to yesterday,
tomorrow’s yours, so is today.
Use lessons as a sound display
showing yourself you are okay.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


The one meant to love me,
had hate for me too.
Swaying what I see,

controlling my views.

Have you ever heard words,
that felt like a punch?

The energy sprayed,
all covered with blades,

cutting through my heart,
splitting me apart,
shooting like a gun,
leaves me feeling stunned.

Bruise into my mind,

biting deep inside,
chewing at my pride
actions undefined,
a fingerless touch
delivers the punch.

Then hold me so sweet,
offer many treats,
sweep me off my feet,
I flow like the breeze

Have you ever heard words
meant to feel like love?

The words I now hear,
erase all my fears.

all sent from above,
fly in like a dove,
they flutter inside,
bring in butterflies.

They give me a hug,
that fits like a glove,
then sing in my ears,
my eyes fill with tears,
my hopes start to fly,
reaching past the sky.

I land on both feet,
words fall on their knees,
seeking no amends,
knowing this now ends

The knots all untie,
I say my good byes

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Your weapon of choice,
formed by your harsh tongue.
The most hurtful shots,
fly straight through my lungs.

Leaving me breathless,
shakes me to my core.
Dismiss my emotions,
by slamming their doors.

Your ego so strong,
it eats at my soul.
I try to hold on,
but give up control.

My mind is all bruised,
along with my heart.
Too strong to let go,
too weak to depart.

Alone in the cold,
no where else to be.
No money for food,
afraid of the streets.

Fearful to go home,
I already left.
Slowly walking back,
with stones in my chest.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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