I walk around
with one blind eye,
to never see
what others hide

The other eye
is kept open,
noticing views
gone unnoticed.

I ask myself,
which is worth more?
was always good
at keeping score.

The opened eye
sees everything,
get what you give,
knows every string.

Mystical force
living within,
shines with pure hope
curing dark sins.

The blinded eye
does just as well,
by focusing
solely on self

Not known to sway
or look aware,
a simple stare
releases care.

The two combined
forever great,
pushed together
emitting strength.

Seeing through both
at the same time,
unlocks hinges
removes all grime

As all new views,
acquire shine.
Gained power flows,
within the mind.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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