So thankful for my everyday,
the bright blue sky with golden rays.
Absorb calm views when times are grey,
through thick or thin life is okay.

Deep gratitude highlights my eyes,
pulls deep within, joys flutter high.
Connected hearts unite and fly,
together laugh until they cry.

So thankful for food on each plate,
wonderful time without debates.
Fond memories loved ones create,
happily linked to celebrate.

Deep gratitude Thanksgiving day,
hope old bygones swiftly decay.
May serene thoughts enhance always,
so only good times come to stay.

So thankful for another year,
without so many threats to fear.
Discretely wipe a single tear,
silently smile, inwardly cheer.

Deep gratitude rooted inside,
look all around, feel immense pride.
So much pure love rests by my side,
pure faith and grace always provides.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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