Shine On

If I become one with the sun,
will my surroundings become dim?
I will declare morning begun,
and try to gleam away all grim.

If I brought brightness like the sun,
will my days also start off bright?
I will be still while life is spun,
providing life both day and night.

If I was swallowed by the sun,
will my true essence always flow?
As our vibrations become one,
pure inner spirit always glows.

If I was absorbed by the sun,
will I create amazing views?
Providing smiles for everyone,
shine on myself to remain true.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Where does the sun go after we sleep?
To places profound, in realms that are deep.

Pure light in the sky
makes everything bright,
present every morning,
a shadow at night.

Where does the moon go after we wake?
To magical lands, where dreams are not fake.

By comforting darkness,
each visit disguised,
an essence so pure,
an aura so prized.

Where does our soul go after we die?
To places beyond a wink and a sigh.

The ether awaits,
where wishes are made,
all wants can come true,
sad memories fade.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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