Be Yourself

Attract the right people,
by always being you.
Stand tall like a steeple,
remain forever true.

Do not change for others,
by hiding how you think.
Never dim your colors,
or your self pride will sink.

Acceptance may gleam bright,
but at times it will not.
Be true to your own light,
to prevent inner knots.

Fifty Fifty chances,
a risk that you must take.
Acting brings advancement,
but makes real hearts feel fake.

Those that are likeminded,
will enjoy your real ways.
Souls should not be guided,
to gain another’s praise.

Stand by your pure nature,
letting true self fly free.
It will melt all glaciers,
so all clear eyes can see.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


He forgot how to socialize,
silent hellos were amplified.
Unable to just vocalize,
responded slow, acts simplified.

He swallowed hard to gain control,
both sweaty hands made tensions grow,
wishing so hard to play his role,
but did not understands this show.

He threw his arms searching the sky,
a soothing light pierced him inside.
Great confidence flung his soul high,
then gleamed so bright, with inner pride.

He took steps towards positive,
this life was his prerogative,
all lessons were evocative,
eliminating negative.

He gained control, no longer scared,
his heart and soul finally dared.
The ones he loved will remain there,
as for the rest, he did not care.

He took his time and felt so calm,
the future resting on his palm,
anxiety soothed with a psalm,
self assurance, his healing balm.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Deep pain dissolves with tears that are shed,
if holding them in, they transform into dread,
slow lingering feelings, grab hold to then spread,
a stubborn depression, makes all hope feel dead.

Anxiety follows, with places to hide,
a feeling so hallow, consuming inside,
so overwhelming, prosperity dies,
so hard to swallow, thirsty mouths chap dry.

Encaged in this body, feeling so alone,
lost motivation turns sore feet to stone,
social dependence relies on screened phones,
everyone cares, yet true love goes unknown.

Shedding salty tears, till the sweet ones appear,
cries become laughs, brighter essence comes near,
a warm kiss on the face dissolves unknown fears,
“Stay in the present”, makes everything clear.

One day at a time will erase yesterday,
while each passing step represents better ways,
tomorrow is not here, bliss can start today,
joy is an option, with no need for delays.

Emotional healing is an uphill task,
to disarm it slowly try peeling its mask,
if needing assistance push forward and ask,
knowing solutions will allow you to bask.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Silently screaming,
expressive distress filled eyes,
lips forming a smile.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


When life takes a turn
and feels a bit bent,
I prepare a bath
made up of intent

Warm running water
creates a sound base,
a calmness soon lurks
erasing the chase.

I then add cologne
florida water,
shut both of my eyes
see my grandmother.

Her smile softly says,
make it like a tea,
a mixture of herbs
and relaxing leaves.

She says her goodbyes
to then drift away,
adding my flowers,
submerged I then lay.

All troubles and aches
are lifted at once,
the bath is then drained
anxiety gone

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Feeling flushed and displaced,
slowly shifting my weight.
loose control of my space,
as emotions debate.

My face falls to the ground,
nervously look around,
can not help but stare down,
anxious smile turns to frown.

So embarrassed to see,
what you must think of me,
look at you just to find,
what I feel deep inside.

Then I notice your hand,
while the floor turns to sand,
showing you understand,
sense your tremble expand.

Strength travels to my feet,
touching solid concrete,
with no room for defeat,
instantly feel complete

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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