With the last tear in my eye,
in frustration asking”Why,
did I play the game of lies?”
forming daydreams out of sighs.

Why did I believe and care,
while your heart was never there?
Gave you all I had to bear,
in exchange for your blank stare?

Why was I the one to try?
always looking for bright sides,
swallowing every last cry,
just to please your stubborn pride.

Could it be I disliked me?
So I made your “wants” my “needs”,
letting you form what I see,
pretending to just agree.

With sundown in full moonlight,
a clear tug felt warm inside,
giving my heart pure insight,
so my soul could fully guide.

I will always be your friend
without need to play pretend,
knowing true love never ends,
my boundaries will never bend.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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