Self recreation,
requires isolation,
some contemplation,
and imagination.

Pure transformation
needs great concentration,
deep communication.

Forced separation
is an obligation,
for liberation,
from lingered temptations.

and self evaluations,
provide directions,
towards destinations.

Self restoration,
needs motivation,
and firm affirmations.

Purification ,
brings clarification,
bright illumination,
shines inspiration.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Allow all my words
to pour like strong rain,
choke on my tears,
swallow the pain.

Anguish and sorrows
hide deeply inside,
nowhere to run,
no place to hide.

A huge painted smile,
pretend feels okay.
Sun covered clouds,
lights fill the grays.

Loud echoing cry,
releases the fake,
speak what I feel,
my turn to take.

As all words spill out,
each one becomes real.
Clear blurry lines,
no truth concealed.

Accept every side,
embrace day and night.
Eyes shine quite proud,
bask in pure light.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Sacrifice can be okay
but should not rule every day.
Resentments will find their way,
at times they linger and stay.

Give to give, never to take,
do not make pure actions fake.
Hear silent cries as they shout,
fulfill needs without a doubt.

No one gives what they don’t have,
assisting, cutting in half.
Provide fully, then grant more,
selfless life or endless chore.

People do what one allows,
form boundaries, draw them out.
Take a stand, find inner voice,
proving acts come from free choice.

Search within, find the right words,
sing them loud, so they are heard.
Stand up straight to take a stand,
let heartbeats dictate commands.

Expose true self, feel secure,
self-acceptance is a cure.
Confidence makes each step sure,
deeds are clear, intentions pure.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Inner Flow

I tap my feet
to my own beat.
I move around
on solid ground.

I step on land
not on quicksand.
I make mistakes
but never break.

I form techniques
for what I seek.
I do not speak
words that are bleak.

I catch the ball
my goals befall.
I hardly wait
or hesitate.

I try to touch
but not too much.
I expand grace
but do not chase.

I search inside
follow my guide.
I emit light
make dark paths bright .

I like to live
life judgments free.
I know that you
are one with me.

I build a life
with my insight.
I choose the views,
paint joyful hues.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


It starts from inside,
I am often told,
try hard to control
the space that you hold

Dig deep from inside,
to release all cares,
becoming aware
of everything there

Change happens inside,
perceptions transform,
cradle all ice storms,
turn cold into warm

Balance from inside,
removing extremes,
extracting old scenes,
then sewing the seams

Feel free from inside,
let all the bad go,
your pure smile will glow
all joys will then grow

Find strength deep inside,
grab hold of pure light,
all day and all night
it always shines bright

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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