Pink Hues

Softest pink
ottest shades
dding tricks
ocile waves
very blink
ways each day

Outer gifts

Perfect shift
deas play
aive links
armic aid

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Green Vibes

Follows inner flow
On a constant move
Radiantly glows
Everlasting groove
Spearmint breeze blows
Tenderness behooves

Green vibrates serene
Runs with opened wings
Enhancing the sea
Easy going swing
Neverending glee
Sweet vibrations sings

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Orange Core

Orange is splendid
Radiantly divine
Advance extended
Naturally kind
Expert by design

Brilliantly climbing
Ladders to the sky
Outwardly shining
Social butterfly
Sharply refining
Outgoing to try
Motives are rising
Spirit flying high

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Seven rays,
rule my world.
as they twirl.

Purple hues,
not confused,
always knows
and it shows.

Confused pink,
sneaky winks,
so unsure,
silent lure.

Working blue,
finds the clues,
to promote,
others hopes.

Yellow cares,
always there,
love and light,
shinning bright

Orange goals,
gains control.
never waits.

Passion red,
gets ahead,
moving fast,
with a blast.

Vibrant green,
quite serene.
Create tunes
and communes.

Seven rays,
shadow gray,
balance beam,
calmest stream.

Black and white,
day and night,
and assist

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

7 Rays

Red brings passion
excites my life,
often carries
unwanted strife.
Cuts so swiftly
like a sharp knife,
gifts of great strength
with endless drive

Orange keeps me
high on my toes,
makes every dream
transform to goals.
Fills all of my
ambition holes,
allowing me
to take control

Yellow is my
favorite ray,
guiding my heart,
painting my days,
shades my worst thoughts,
a lighter gray,
makes all my fears,
dissolve away

Green appears
with a playlist,
smooth energy
hard to resist,
fills up the soul

with a pure kiss,
allowing thoughts
to co-exist

Blue is noticed
in beads of sweat,
hard at work with
no regret.
to repay debts,
giving to all,
till nothings left

Pink is pretty
always so shy,
blushed while staring
at my eyes,
this connection
made bonds fly,
unveiled deceits
quickly climbed high

Purple provides
the sense to know,
forms confidence
letting it show.
It swam to me,
joining my flow,
lit up my pride,
then made it grow

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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