Pick (Published at The Writers Club)

Light sunny window
with birds that fly free,
peaceful bright air glows,
joy swims in the breeze.

Dark smoky shadow
obstructs and fogs view,
shackles tomorrow,
as panic seeps through .

Calm blissful warm winds,
jingle serene chimes,
euphoric dreams spin,
to travel through time.

Impactful loud barks
are distantly heard,
screams spray fearful sparks,
spoken words are slurred.

Water without care,
for semi-parched throats.
Champagne everywhere,
glass up for a toast.

Consumed bitterness,
scratch thirst with dry coat.
Envision cold drinks,
so far and remote

Nostrils sniff sweet streams
natural perfume.
Increasing scents gleam,
as new ones just bloom.

Inhale a foul musk,
that floats in the air.
Throw angered arms up,
while screaming, unfair!

Graze the reflection,
a sandpaper scrape.
With no direction,
or hopes to escape.

A peaceful warm touch
with the mildest hue,
breaks negative clutch,
displays what is true.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

My poem “Pick” was published at The Writers Club. I would like to thank their team for showcasing this piece.đź’•

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