Skin deep

Fairyland, made up of lights,
dims the brightness low at night,
sparkly dust, enhanced insight,
smiles as she glides to full flight

Dragon stomps into the room,
presence enters with a boom,
flowers all pause in mid-bloom,
feelings of instant dark gloom

Scared to meet, what goes unknown,
frightened by the abrupt tones,
convinced he was made of stone,
all just ran, he stood alone.

Fairy extends an invite,
behaving fine and polite,
standing for what she feels right,
exposing her inner might

Dragon responds with a zoom,
peeling off frightful costume,
fairy prince comes to full view,
fairyland quickly resumes

“Thanks for the compassion shown,
bad behaviors you condoned,
all my actions I will own,
your kindness helped my heart grow.”

“Fairies do not judge with sight,
instead offer pure delight,
making every dim turn bright,
accepting all forms despite.”

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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