The jealous are unfortunate,
living a life without purpose.
Instead foreign accomplishments
become their source of great distress

Longing for someone else to fall,
transforms owned steps into a crawl.
When never choosing to look straight,
massive brick walls can self-create

Energy aimed on someone else
is best when placed upon oneself.
Staring inside a troubled mind,
as dimmed darkness tumbles behind

Building a new world of comforts
while satisfying one’s own thirst.
Forming a bridge towards ample wealth,
still manifesting vigorous health

Brightening up a dampened soul,
gifting it with owned self-control.
Speaking frankly with inner-self,
feeling more pride, loving ourselves

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

New Year

New year will bring
all that we need,
the blocks unfold
wishes fly free

This world will be
healed everyday,
Bringing new dreams

in every way.

Inhaling hope
feeling secure,
allowing peace

to wash ashore.

Replace the old
embrace the new,
positive paths

will come to you.

Rewrite your life
a space in time,
fate on your side

sounds a sweet chime.

As new chapters,
come to exist,
inner strength,
always persists

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


My nostrils awaken
to the scent of coffee.
Sweet fresh arabica
fills up my hungry cup.
A roosters DOODLE-DOOS
the sun fully risen,
each stretch a step closer
towards waking me up.

My eyes fully open,
caffeine sails through my veins,
another day arrives
without hardship or strain.
Wind SWOOSHES with great zest
flying like passing guest
vanishing with the breeze,
leaving behind great peace.

My taste buds still tingle,
with what I now savor,
my senses all mingle
feeling lingered flavors.
droplets play on the roof,
my heart in a locket,
daydreams serve concrete proof.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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