Ripping bandaids
done sincerely
only hurts
a little bit,
yet with lingered
it will hold a
lasting sting.

Never laugh at
others tears

or those tears will
soon find you,
feeling joy in
seing sorrow
becomes your view.

Be the person
you want to see
passing by you
so carefree,
As you dance with
drowning feet
your heart pounds
a different beat.

– Grace Y. Estevez


Dancing to
the sounds of raindrops,
while they flood my
washed up shoes.
I can hear as
bells are ringing,
people run to
pay their dues.

I resist
but can not hide
as a tear
reaches my eye.
Sway around
move to the rhythm
of the droplets
falling down.

Failed to stop
I keep on moving
as my clothes
feel like the lake.
Never felt
crash so hard
my body shakes.

Bitting hard
pierced my own lip
thanks to hope
received a chance.
Felt a stillness
taking over
making this
my final dance.

– Grace Y. Estevez

New Year

New year will bring
all that we need,
the blocks unfold
wishes fly free

This world will be
healed everyday,
Bringing new dreams

in every way.

Inhaling hope
feeling secure,
allowing peace

to wash ashore.

Replace the old
embrace the new,
positive paths

will come to you.

Rewrite your life
a space in time,
fate on your side

sounds a sweet chime.

As new chapters,
come to exist,
inner strength,
always persists

– Grace Y. Estevez


Blind my eyes
then warm me up
Bring your shine
up with the sun

Clear my heart
release my fears
Brightened thoughts
absorb my tears

Awesome glow
lights up my path
Bask and soak
in gleaming bath

Kiss my head
with glittered dust
Radiant hues
made of pure trust

– Grace Y. Estevez

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