A New Year

This cycle will fulfill all needs,
as blocks unfold wishes fly free.
Sorrows are healed each passing day,
new dreams arrive in every way.

Exhale “what was”, breathe “what will be”,
allow bright visions to fly free.
Inhale pure hope, feel so secure,
allow true peace to wash ashore.

Rewrite this life through space in time,
fate twinkles bright, sounds a sweet chime.
Replace the old, embrace the new,
positive paths slide towards you.

Joyful chapters come to exist,
inner strength appears to persist.
The mindset taken to step in,
will allow this New Year to win.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

A Fresh Year

Cascades of shallow years,
bring lessons to adjust life.
Happiness conquers worn fears,
so pure joy flows throughout time.

Trinkets of wise, clever years,
make connections feel kinder.
Grateful for the “now and here”.
murder envy with blinders.

Good and bad, slam doors each year,
inner perceptions decide.
Fresh and salt waters flow near,
life first takes to then provide.

Every charismatic year,
foresees steps to be measured.
Greater paths become more clear,
past experiences treasured.

Recharged energetic year,
sorrows felt, make thoughts so strong.
Concrete hearts soon disappear,
as kind acts linger along.

Memories mist skies this year,
over waves upon the sea,
count the assorted mixed tears,
some are sweet others salty.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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