Nature always talks to me,
during every rising day.
Flowers whisper messages,
in parades of different ways

Aromas gossip sweetly,
misty skies quench parching thirst.
Pushing me towards self-care,
teaching me that health comes first.

Happy birds chirp very loud,
singing in up tempo tunes.
Making hopes float off the ground
like a helium filled balloon.

Squirrels jump from tree to tree,
playing games of hide and seek.
Childhood fun comes back to me,
memories squeak as they speak.

Honey bees then kiss the air,
buzzing rumored love affairs.
Bringing passion everywhere,
tempting me to always dare.

Gentle breeze whistle in peace,
silent thoughts hum melodies.
Essence felt can be released,
relaxing any unease.

– Grace Y. Estevez


May I borrow your eye
keep it right next to mine
So you see what I see,
take a journey with me

Have you noticed a snow
flake falling from the sky?
It becomes a white blanket
made of intricate designs

Have you ever seen sand
under a microscope?
It will sprinkle your sight
with new magic and hop

Have you stared at a moth
orchid up close in the eye?
She will look at you too,
as your heart starts to fly.

Have you wondered why fruit
flies have ants on their wings?
In hopes that their predators
scare off when they swing

One more proof to redeem
of great miracles seen.
A male seahorse gives birth,
as we wonder on earth.

– Grace Y. Estevez


At times gray skies bring comfort
cloudy tears fill the day.
If unease is expected,
inner peace can lead the way.

Overcast slowly passes
dragging all aging thoughts.
The calmness that surrounds you,
is a blanket of support.

Gray skies can carry raindrops
exposing rainbow hues.
Setting grand expectations,
bringing new hopes to pursue.

Nature is sure to mimic
emotions held inside.
Your eyes will fill with wonder,
as outside the sun shines.

– Grace Y. Estevez

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