I find my way into your arms,
nip bits of cherry from cupped palms.
Red apple hearts, deliver charm,
entwined with a love that feels calm.

Fluorescent rains provide displays,
hydrates all bodies throughout roots.
Endless arrays of sunny days,
of flowers blooming joyful fruits.

Euphoric bells, whispering chimes,
orchards of daydreams come alive.
Chills up my spine, journey through time,
travel past space so nature thrives.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

This poem was written as a response to 30 Poems in 30 Days Collaboration by Jeff Flesch. I chose the poem “Apples Intoned” from his book Nature Speaks. Hope you enjoyed.💕

Nature Speaks is a gem of a book! The poems offer a wonderfully nature-centric perspective that is desperately lacking in our modern day culture. I absolutely love this book! These poems are beautiful and truly speak to me. This collection has an uncanny ability to connect with people through love and exploration of nature, which all comes through in Jeff’s writing. I truly enjoy reading these magical poems since they have a beautiful way of painting serene pictures for my enjoyment. I highly recommend it.💕

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