Her Song

Heartbeat vibrates as it pounds,
every new step shakes the ground.
Silent whispers float around,
lingered rhythms felt profound.

Take her placemark center stage,
make sure everyone’s engaged.
Releases voice from its cage,
each heard lyric works as sage.

Loses self in what she sing,
prays that inner bells will ring.
Hopes that her words do not sting,
try to cut the puppet strings.

Secret wishes become facts,
slice swift through unpleasant acts.
Love and light always attract,
bringing balance with impact.

Leave the stage, removes her shoes,
hops that she has changed some views.
“Maybe if all share their clues,
this world could find what is true.”

Share without judgments or hate,
allow all joys to create,
know true inner force is great,
fly towards a brighter fate.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Echoing five-beat rhythmic patterns,
make my hips move, pitter patters.
Festive music, daydreams splatter,
misting my thoughts, with what matters.

Merengue tunes one of a kind,
hypnotic flow, moves up my spine.
African/Spanish dance entwined,
three passing tales seem to align.

One story says it came from slaves,
chained together, cutting sweet cane.
Swaying to the beats, machetes made,
dragging worn feet, to ease their pain.

Leader arrived, limping and hurt,
revolution, leg pain overt.
Villagers prayed, aches would divert,
to ease his shame, their walk swept dirt.

Others have claimed it was a treat,
confection of sugar so sweet,
enchanting dance, always upbeat,
tastebuds enjoy, cravings replete.

New world techniques, old traditions,
form a styles made for musicians.
Fun songs remove inhibitions,
lyrics provide vast compositions.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Originally Published on February 15, 2021

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