Take a step up,
never look down,
fill empty cups,
erase sad frowns.
Help others jump,
hopes off the ground,
Heartbeats will pump
as joys compound.

Syrup filled words,
make actions sweet.
Escape the herd,
do not compete.
Fly like a bird,
whistle and tweet.
Dust off old sherds,
heal and complete.

Dreams come alive,
mindful designs.
Help others strive,
if goals align.
Let wishes drive,
on roads that shine.
All blessings thrive,
and feel divine.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


It begins with a lump,
that I find hard to swallow.
Mimicked by the night sky,
the moon is looking hollow.
In search for a kind hand,
or a star I could follow.
Emerging from the past,
without a need to wallow.

The ground sinks like quick sand,
with each heavy step I take.
Nervous attempt to smile,
but come off awkward and fake.
Outside the ground is frozen,
inside my spirit bakes.
A wish covered in silence,
with no glass wounds to break.

My palms become the ocean,
my mouth dry desert land.
Quickest trembling rhythm,
possessing disarmed hands.
Anxiety soon arises,

choosing a firmer stand.
Confusing every thought,
obstructing any plan.

My eyes soon find a star,
I watch her as she twinkles.
I open my scared heart,
then ask her for a sprinkle.
A tidbit of bright light,
will iron out the wrinkles.
Conquering one more time,
this one was a mere tickle

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy.

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