See the mirrors that surround,
reflections grow so abound,
before looking all around,
search within, deep, and profound.

What you judge will come to be,
bite your tongue before you speak.
Set the fate of loved ones free,
cease critique so they can peak.

Let your eyes serve as a door,
exposing what forms your core.
Clear escapes from inner wars,
as contempt crawl out your pores.

Separate wraths with a sieve,
swallow pride to then forgive.
What you get is what you give,
live your life, let others live.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Projected views, often perceived,
by those who practice to deceive.
They find positive to be fake,
while promises are vows that break.

Cynical thoughts form from their past,
thinking good times could never last.
They look my way, think I’m the same,
but do not know what lights my flame.

I know my heart and how I feel,
my way is always true and real.
I never play an act for gain,
the me inside likes to ease pain.

I am aware truth brings dismay,
so sad kindness is viewed this way.
I feel that life can be too short,
and do not want to hold remorse.

I have seen bad weigh more than good,
I’ve seen them both misunderstood.
I am no angel but try to be,
my inner love likes to fly free.

I do not like to be misjudged,
am guided by an inner nudge.
I like to turn wrongs into right,
so it can spread bright love and light.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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