One fateful night,
I laid alone,
afraid my heart,
had turned to stone.

Actions at sight
changed me within,
surrendered to
unwanted sins.

Grown apathy
spread all around,
tilted my crown,
heart hit the ground.

It did not crack,
or even dent,
such solid rock,
became so dense.

One fateful day,
I realized,
that my own heart
was penalized.

I looked within,
found others harms,
determined to
regain my charm.

Watered my heart,
tears made it soft,
then empathy
played a great part.

Though undefined,
relaxed my mind,
my inner love
slowly aligned

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Sacrificial love.
A self-inflicted conflict,
can build resentments.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


The one meant to love me,
had hate for me too.
Swaying what I see,

controlling my views.

Have you ever heard words,
that felt like a punch?

The energy sprayed,
all covered with blades,

cutting through my heart,
splitting me apart,
shooting like a gun,
leaves me feeling stunned.

Bruise into my mind,

biting deep inside,
chewing at my pride
actions undefined,
a fingerless touch
delivers the punch.

Then hold me so sweet,
offer many treats,
sweep me off my feet,
I flow like the breeze

Have you ever heard words
meant to feel like love?

The words I now hear,
erase all my fears.

all sent from above,
fly in like a dove,
they flutter inside,
bring in butterflies.

They give me a hug,
that fits like a glove,
then sing in my ears,
my eyes fill with tears,
my hopes start to fly,
reaching past the sky.

I land on both feet,
words fall on their knees,
seeking no amends,
knowing this now ends

The knots all untie,
I say my good byes

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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