A hallow storm angry and scared,
cried out enraged but no one cared.
Created pains left to repair,
erasing times no longer there.

Passive sun rays appeared to see,
the storm was hurt and felt lonely.
Shining on it, no guarantee,
as an attempt to stop the spree.

No words were said, offered a hug,
In hopes the storm would feel a tug.
Sun showed it cared by giving love,
calming storm down with warmer snugs.

Storm was surprised to see sun near,
a silent cheer dried up her tears.
Sun held her close removing fears,
emitting light so storm could clear.

Storm was happy to find a friend,
opened her heart so they could blend.
Knowing full well sorrows can mend,
infinite bonds will never end.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


It feels better to have no love
live life alone
kissed from above

It feels good to not have any true friends
no lies left to hear
or views to defend

It feels great to have no lingered blood ties
a family bond
or entitled lie

It feels quite nice to be unknown
others take a stroll
eye smiles always shown

It feels wonderful to play games of pretend
all is okay
until it all ends

It feels fine to befriend my very own soul
heart on my sleeve
while gaining control

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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