A Book to Remember

Literary masterpiece
Ignite emotions held deep
Graceful lines fly with the breeze
Heartbeat pounds, excitement leaps
Talent that could never cease
Noble lines make thoughts run steep
Insightful true expertise
Nourishment cause minds to leap
Gigantic lessons bring peace

Rhythm lets new views swim free
Harmony turns inner keys
Yellow sun rays touch with glee
Messages flow like the sea
Excellence climbs high degree
Special serendipity

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely collection of poems by Navin Manik. I purchased Lightning Rhymes some time ago and have been slowly enjoying this collection as I would a treat. This book is truly the gift of all gifts – whether that be a gift to ourselves or for another. You can flip to any page, at any point during the day, and be moved by the poetry within. So powerful and thought provoking. Truly enjoyed.đź’•

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