Life will always get better,
humming to my heartbeats song.
Smiling through the rough weather,
will help sorrows march along.

Life engulfs in great beauty,
I can sense each time I sing.
All my thoughts have a party,
inner flutters fly their wings.

Life is mixed with laughs and cries,
each released at precise times.
Both bring tears into my eyes,
at some point, both helped me climb.

Life is smooth when trusting fate,
blurred tomorrow, cleared today.
Every moment feels so great,
perfect present rhythmic sway.

Life becomes so positive,
knowing I’m not left alone.
Everything is relative,
unseen presence are all shown.

Life provides smiles and triggers,
I do not choose to regret.
Memories try to linger,
I choose to keep or forget.

Life supplies what I believe,
bringing forward all I see.
Good and bad are both perceived,
all effects are called by me.

Life is best when my soul guides,
pushing all ego aside,
letting light consume my pride,
feeling peace from deep inside.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

Her Life In Phases

Memories began, when she was five,
with not much care, feeling just fine.
Spending her days, unknotting binds,
most pleasant child, kept within lines.

Her brilliant mind, was masked for thrills,
her deepest thoughts, went unfulfilled.
Naughty but in the purest way,
angry that fun, could never stay.

As sweet sixteen soon came to be,
unmasking lies, for all to see,
her darkest fears and solemn tales,
picked herself up, when all hands failed.

Adulthood swiftly came to play,
removing bows and pretty lace.
Moving away, to a new place,
with no old ties, a new escape.

She met new dolls, gave them fun names,
so paper cut, they looked the same.
They grew up fast, sharing some bonds,
of her strange ways, they were quite fond.

An angel came, swept her right up,
soaking her tears, filling her cup.
He washed his hands, when he was done,
leaving her torn, making her run.

Soon ran into his opposite,
numbing herself, if for a bit,
but realized he was not fit.
He screamed too loud, the walls were hit.

She thought of ways to go off grid,
too late some how, they now had kids,
did not work out, support all hid
She found the strength to close the lid.

Sun had emerged, behind the clouds,
love came in fast, it sang so loud.
Enough for two, three was a crowd,
shinning with grace, she took a bow.

It claimed her heart, also her mind,
the love was true, one of a kind.
One small pebble, stuck in the way,
it got kicked fast, it could not stay.

Soon she was healed, remorse had fled,
her love was real, not in her head.
Followed the paths, to where they led,
so she could sleep, on her own bed.
Her fairytale was not an act,
but memories, to reenact.

Echoes are gone, that is a fact
the best is now, what she attracts.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy


Do you understand what I try to say?
Exhale words in air, hoping they can stay?

Question what is true, searching for what’s real,
letting others know, how and why I feel.
I create my world, all the rest is fake,
like a plastic doll, swimming in a lake.
Give reasons a twirl, always spins right back,
pointing straight at me, my own harsh attack

Do you understand how life is a game?
Does it all evolve, does it stay the same?

I could see the game, shining in my eyes,
nothing hurts too deep, everything’s a sigh.
Laugh and look around, this game is absurd,
synchronize my heart, to all sounds unheard.
Grasping hard to hope, everything is fine,
building different views, making them all mine.

Do you understand we create delight?
Can we make our light, and control how bright?

I can see my thoughts, in and throughout life.
I can close my door, I cause all my strife.
I can see the shine, glisten more with time.
I can see the dark, when I blink my eyes.
I can blink again, blinking once or twice,
turn my views around, everything is nice

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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