Life will always get better,
humming to my heartbeats song.
Smiling through the rough weather,
will help sorrows march along.

Life engulfs in great beauty,
I can sense each time I sing.
All my thoughts have a party,
inner flutters fly their wings.

Life is mixed with laughs and cries,
each released at precise times.
Both bring tears into my eyes,
at some point, both helped me climb.

Life is smooth when trusting fate,
blurred tomorrow, cleared today.
Every moment feels so great,
perfect present rhythmic sway.

Life becomes so positive,
knowing I’m not left alone.
Everything is relative,
unseen presence are all shown.

Life provides smiles and triggers,
I do not choose to regret.
Memories try to linger,
I choose to keep or forget.

Life supplies what I believe,
bringing forward all I see.
Good and bad are both perceived,
all effects are called by me.

Life is best when my soul guides,
pushing all ego aside,
letting light consume my pride,
feeling peace from deep inside.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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