The largest of castles
shimmers from outside,
yet so dark and hollow
when stepping inside.
The bare rooms are shallow
with no place to hide,
air to thick to swallow
walls coated with pride.

Eyes fill up with darkness
while perceiving light,
envy that is sharpened
while blurring clear sight.
Laughter turns to harshness
dimming all the bright,
jealousy kills fondness
hearts dance to dark spite.

Fingers on the handle
brings instant insight,
lights an inner candle
providing hindsight.
Notice the bare mantle
chipped paint, dusty white,
all coveting canceled
life starts to feel right.

A new gained acceptance
as all truths align,
self built independence
unique by design.
An inner reflectance
exposes great shine,
erase unclear essence
love remains divine.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


Lush green grass is somehow greener,
when viewed from the other side.
Conflicted, jealous daydreamer,
peeks through life, unsatisfied.

Such excitement while obtaining
every craving and all wants,
brand new shine is always fading
tarnishing unfulfilled hearts.

Squinting eyes comparing visions,
stagnantly running in place.
Everyone has their own mission,
conquered at a distinct pace.

Feelings of dissatisfaction
will attract more of the same.
Gratitude as a reaction
can ignite an inner flame.

Dire thirst, fulfilled with raindrops,
does not need a waterfall,
neither one choosing to make swaps,
both content to serve their cause.

Everybody has their own path,
as each finger wears a print.
Do not covet another’s catch
leaving bright light for mere glints.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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