Deadliest of daggers,
thrown up in the air.
I watch as it staggers,
but I do not care.

My armored torn heart
wears a solid cape.
Always to outsmart,
while keeping its shape.

I watch all thrown things,
see from whom they come.
Energies can cling
if all hopes succumb.

Intense evil eyes
can never touch me.
My soul is too wise,
choosing what it sees.

Intentions will bring
what people allow,
but they can not sting,
when they’re forced to bow.

Emotions will cave in,
for ones carrying love.
Those hiding hate within,
are hugged with vinyl gloves.

Daggers may be launched,
but only to cause sways.
Negative is scorched,
to dissolve away.

I always accept
pure positive light.
All intentions kept
radiate quite bright.

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy

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