Loud stars explode into the sky,
independent fourth of July.
Watch parts of her silently die,
hope all her wishes learn to fly.

A bright lit golden yellow path
glows in sunlight to form contrast.
Immersive thoughts form healing bath,
glistening tears dissolve so fast.

All that she knew is gone so quick,
maybe this life is just a trick.
This train of thought makes her heart sick,
a sip of light could help faith stick.

Release pure love, free this July,
know future days will hold fair rights.
Let peaceful flows erase all fights,
as warm shine fill hearts up at night.

Next year will bring her time to heal,
no longer doubting how she feels.
Her flesh and bones are made of steel,
an inner strength no one could steal.

No one to tell her what to choose,
her own decisions win or lose.
Confident thoughts never subdue,
instead all dreams will be pursued.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

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