Hues of Hope

He wakes up exhausted,
feels the same while in bed.
His world is distorted,
numbness transforms to dread.

His moves are all stagnant
within his encaged thoughts,
dull memory fragments
haunt false tales he once bought.

Disguising his sad tears,
wearing a broken smile,
his attempts carry fears
often seen as hostile.

Raindrops produce music
that cascade on his head,
bringing hopes that may stick
and eventually spread.

Staring up at the sky
till a rainbow appears.
Aspirations run high
as his dusty mind clears.

An empowering choice
help him gain some control.
Finding ways to rejoice
swiftly brightens his soul.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

A Flower

The coldest of winter,
a flower had bloomed.
Quivered and shivered,
awaiting her doom.

A voice from inside,
whispered in her ear.
“Reasons you will find,
for why you are here.”

Hope warmed her inside,
kept her standing tall.
The weight of the snow,
had taken a fall.

A bee came along,
offered some advice.
“Let go of your strength,
you will not survive.
It’s too late for you,
you were due last spring,
your kind was all here,
your seed did not give.”

Flower simply nodded
then swiftly responded,
“I am here right now,
my life has a reason,
I will not give up ,
no matter the season,
I would not be here,
without a great purpose,
my life is a gift,
and never a burden.”

Along came a man,
with tears in his eyes,
his love was now fractured,
and said her good byes.
An honest mistake,
had made him so sorry,
he simply forgot,
their anniversary.
Turning to his left,
he noticed a flower,
felt better quite soon,
knowing it had power.
He held it with care,
and gave it a home,
then won back his love,
while claiming his throne.

Next to the window,
her vase set up high.
Objective fulfilled,
flower smiled with pride.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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