Lush green grass is somehow greener,
when viewed from the other side.
Conflicted, jealous daydreamer,
peeks through life, unsatisfied.

Such excitement while obtaining
every craving and all wants,
brand new shine is always fading
tarnishing unfulfilled hearts.

Squinting eyes comparing visions,
stagnantly running in place.
Everyone has their own mission,
conquered at a distinct pace.

Feelings of dissatisfaction
will attract more of the same.
Gratitude as a reaction
can ignite an inner flame.

Dire thirst, fulfilled with raindrops,
does not need a waterfall,
neither one choosing to make swaps,
both content to serve their cause.

Everybody has their own path,
as each finger wears a print.
Do not covet another’s catch
leaving bright light for mere glints.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy


Like a bear to a pot of honey,
or carrots used to tempt a bunny,
humans are hungry for money,
laugh it off, though far from funny

Take the dare then grab the cash.
Integrity sold in a flash.
Watch all honor turn to ash.
Feel self-respect fall in the trash

Nothing can buy all desires,
or fill the needs most require.
Vanity will ignite fires,
treasures are just things acquired

If one chases to find wealth,
they may find themselves compelled,
to value riches over health,
till vitality is expelled

Capital is another tool
used to make a brilliant fool.
Ego flares up with fake fuel,
push aside so love can rule

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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