Talking just to hear my thoughts,
encaged actions remain caught.
Frustration yells “what is next”,
tempting fate to do it’s best.

Feeling hopeless, look around,
empathy has broken down.
People in need every day,
trying hard to find their way

Others stroll without a care,
ignoring all saddened stares,
oblivious to inner tears,
known to carry lack and fears

I will not judge what they do,
to myself, I will be true.
Maybe I can cause a change,
push myself to just engage

Love does not know how to flee,
actions will release so free.
I can be a vital force
with some guidance from pure source

Every day the Sun appears,
sharing can always bring cheers.
Full moon emanating light,
spreading brightness every night

Simple smiles can be suffice,
as the case with sound advice.
Money is not all we need,
help requires a small seed

It will sprout and multiply,
positive in high supply.
I will gladly lend a hand,
my love grows, shares, and expands

– Grace Y. Estevez- Reddy


A little girl got her first shoes,
opened the bag, then felt confused.
She hoped for ones just like her mother’s,
instead got ones worn by her brother

That little girl, she had no clue,
she never knew which lies were true.
At times she played outside with kids,
they made up tales, she ran and hid.

The little girl had goals and plans,
she grew up strong, now understands.
When she was young, a paradigm,
people in need were seen as grime.

Same little girl is now so wise,
took every chance, studied design.
Built charities at her own cost,
contributing silent support.

Compassion from her lessons learned,
she left but knew she would return.
Purchasing shoes for deprived kids,
so they never feel the way she did.

– Grace Y. Estevez-Reddy

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