Game Over

I do not wish to play your game,
the twisted webs drive me insane.
Negative thoughts freely expressed,
all interactions turn to dread.

I do not crave to play your game,
belittle others and defame.
Acts patronize within a look,
judgements compose hidden outlooks.

I do not want to play your game,
no room for change, always the same.
Riddles and clues shoved in my head,
clear expectations, mixed instead.

I do not need to play your game,
never believed in placing blame.
If something cracks, I look inside,
no need to point or try to hide.

I do not know rules to your game,
laws often change without an aim.
People are pawns, your words cruel darts,
all set to play misguided parts.

I will no longer play your game,
intentions pure, no need for shame.
No more pretense or need for lies
to self preserve, I say goodbye.

– Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy

Written for FOWC hosted by Fandango
Prompt word Patronize

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